What is Hydra Attack And Hydra Software?

Hydra Software
Hydra Software

Hydra is a well-known software used to crack passwords and login in computers, systems, and networks. It’s simple, fast, and reliable which means Hydra software is ideal for those with easy-to-guess passwords, but not so adept at more complex login systems. This article delves into what Hydra software is, and how to defend against it.

1. What is Hydra Software?

Hydra is a brute force tool to crack passwords, which means that it essentially uses software to send a barrage of passwords to guess login information. Most people have overly simple passwords that can be fairly easily guessed from your online presence; for example, the name of their loved one, a birthday, favourite sports team, etc. This means that with enough social engineering and an unlimited number of guesses, the likelihood of finding the correct password is high.

Hydra software makes this an automated process by systematically going through each password in a generated list until it finds the right one.


2. How to Defend Against Hydra Attacks

Hydra attacks aren’t incredibly complex hacking, but it works due to the simplicity and sheer volume of passwords it throws at the login. The simplest and most reliable way to defend against Hydra attacks is to make your password hard to crack. True North ITG recommends not to use anything that someone could glean off of social media, avoid ending it in ‘123’ or the current year, and use a mix of symbols and numbers.

Another defence is to automatically block or disable account access after a certain number of failed authentication attempts. This would prevent Hydra from being allowed more than a pre-set number of failed logins (usually around 5) before it’s completely blocked.

An even more secure defence is to enable a double authentication process, so aside from the password you need a second login step like a unique code. Hydra software isn’t set up for this added step, so this creates instant security—although a more tedious login process.

3. How to Keep Information Safe

Attack tools like Hydra software aren’t anything new, and it’s definitely possible to set up defences against these brute force tools, but it’s also worthwhile to have a larger look at your security in general and follow a few rules of thumb. If possible, keep as much sensitive information protected as possible. Isolate the information and encrypt it, so that even if an attack happens, there’s added layers of protection.

Force network users to use computer-generated passwords as much as possible, and you might even consider security tokens rather than system passwords for even more protection. Regularly set up tests to attack your own network in order to find weak spots and ways to improve.

Hydra software isn’t the most complex hacking software out there, and it’s certainly not invincible. A few simple tweaks to your security are enough to prevent Hydra software from breaching your system, but it relies on the fact that most people rely on simple passwords in order to remember them.

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