Cyber Security Projects

Cyber Security Projects
Cyber Security Projects

Data theft is increasing, so businesses require to work on cyber security projects and get hired cyber professionals to detect security vulnerabilities, monitor network traffic, and safeguard endpoints from external and internal threats.

You must have some programming skills like Python, Java and practical experience to work on high-level cybersecurity projects.

In a following cybersecurity projects, you’ll get to work on like advanced projects and keep increase your knowledge.

Importance of Security Projects

Understanding the significance of Security Projects is about more than being proactive against cyber threats. ​
Protect your digital assets and ensure peace of mind by engaging in Security Projects.

Check the following Security Projects

BootStomp: An Android boot-loader Bug Finder

To run BootStomp’s analyses, please read the following instructions. Note that BootStomp works with boot-loaders compiled for ARM architectures (32 and 64 bits both) and that results might slightly vary depending on angr and Z3’s versions. This is because of the time angr takes to analyze basic blocks and to Z3’s expression concretization results.

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Spectre And Meltdown Vulnerability Checker For Linux

Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors . These hardware vulnerabilities allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer.

Spectre Vulnerability:
Spectre is a vulnerability that affects modern microprocessors that perform branch prediction. On most processors, the speculative execution resulting from a branch misprediction may leave observable side effects that may reveal private data to attackers.

Meltdown Vulnerability:
Meltdown is a hardware vulnerability affecting Intel x86 microprocessors and some ARM-based microprocessors. It allows a rogue process to read all memory, even when it is not authorized to do so.

Meltdown affects a wide range of systems. At the time of disclosure, this included all devices running any but the most recent and patched versions of iOS, Linux, macOS, or Windows. Accordingly, many servers and cloud services were impacted, as well as a potential majority of smart devices and embedded devices using ARM based processors (mobile devices, smart TVs and others), including a wide range of networking equipment.

Find Spectre And Meltdown Vulnerability Checker For Linux

  • A simple shell script to tell if your Linux installation is vulnerable against the 3 “speculative execution” CVE’s that were made public early 2018.
  • Without options, it’ll inspect your currently running kernel. You can also specify a kernel image on the command line, if you’d like to inspect a kernel you’re not running.
  • The script will do its best to detect mitigation’s, including back-ported non-vanilla patches, regardless of the advertised kernel version number.

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Hypatia – Android Malware Scanner

Hypatia is the world’s first FOSS malware scanner for Android. It is powered by ClamAV style signature databases.

  • Near zero battery impact: you’ll never notice any impact on battery at all
  • Extremely fast: it can scan small files (1MB) in <20ms, and even large files (40MB) in 1000ms.
  • Memory efficient: with the default databases enabled it uses under 120MB.
  • Regular scan: allowing selection of /system, internal storage, external storage, and installed apps
  • Realtime scanner: can detect malware in realtime on write/rename in internal storage
  • Completely offline: Internet is only used to download signature databases, files will never ever leave your device
  • Persistence: will automatically restart on boot/update
  • Tiny codebase: coming in at under 1000 sloc, it can be audited by even someone with basic programming experience
  • Minimal dependencies: the app only uses libraries when necessary
  • Signature databases can be enabled/disabled at the users demand



This project contains programs that will create a database of the programs installed on your PC, and match them against the NIST’s CPEs (identification of software) and CVEs (vulnerabilities of software) dictionaries.

Written in Python – Download

RapidScan- The Multi-Tool Web Vulnerability Scanner

It is quite a fuss for a pentester to perform binge-tool-scanning (running security scanning tools one after the other) sans automation. Unless you are a pro at automating stuff, it is a herculean task to perform binge-scan for each and every engagement. The ultimate goal of this program is to solve this problem through automation; viz. running multiple scanning tools to discover vulnerabilities, effectively judge false-positives, collectively correlate results and saves precious time; all these under one roof.

BlackArch Linux Operating System

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. The repository contains 2886 tools.

You can install tools individually or in groups. BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing Arch installs.

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Cloud Custody

CloudCustodian Rules engine for cloud security and governance, DSL in yaml for policies to query, filter, and take actions on resources.

Quotas limit increased to 200 (minimum) for CloudWatch Event Rules, in each region:
aws service-quotas request-service-quota-increase \
–service-code events \
–quota-code L-244521F2 \
–desired-value 200

Ensure Account {account_id} – is present in the description to identify multiple accounts independently.
Ensure name is short and sweet. If the name is too long, validation check will fail.
Ensure role name is not changed as it deployed via terraform in prerequisites.


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