Ransomware And Their Types


Ransomware is a type of Malware that prevents you from accessing the computer.

It encrypts your whole system unless a ransom gets paid. After infecting your computer, the malware finds files with JPG, XLS, PNG, DOC and PPT file extensions. These important files are usually images and documents, so there is a good chance for the cyber criminals will encrypt your file that you need.

Cyber criminals create Ransomware for money, and it becomes the most powerful weapon for Hackers. It will display an image or a message that lets you know your data has been encrypted and you have to pay money to get it back. Mostly Hackers are trying to deal ransom payment through Bitcoins for hiding their real identity. After paying by the user, a victim will get the decryption key to decrypt their computer.

Ransomware attacks are typically carried out using a Trojan, entering a system through, for example, a downloaded malicious file or a vulnerability in a network service.  These days Ransomware doesn’t affect just computers it also targets mobile phones and other electronics product too. Companies, government agencies, Institution, Health organisations have all been victims of Ransomware attack. Cyber Criminals top targets are companies and organisations because they become bigger as a comparison to single users.

How its Spread?

> It can spread through Email attachment.
> While browsing the malicious website.
> Through Same Lan Network.

How Can we Protect?

> Always Keep Update your Operating system.
> Do not open any unknown E-Mail attachment.
> Enable Internet Security and Firewall.
> Always Take your PC backup.
> Beware Social Engineering and Phishing Attack.

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