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  • RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework

    RedGhost- Linux post exploitation framework It designed to assist red teams in persistence, reconnaissance, privilege escalation and leaving no trace. PayloadsFunction to generate various encoded reverse shells in netcat, bash, python, php, ruby, perlSudoInjectFunction to inject sudo […]

  • Pyshark- To Allowing Python Packet Parsing Using Wireshark Dissectors

    Python wrapper for tshark, allowing python packet parsing using Wireshark dissectors.Pyshark features a few "Capture" objects (Live, Remote, File, InMem). Each of those files read from their respective source and then can be used as an iterator to get their packets. Each capture object can also […]

  • Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch ($23 Value) FREE For a Limited Time - eBook

    "Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch ($23 Value) FREE For a Limited Time"Learn how to hack systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.This eBook will help you:Understand ethical hacking and the different fields and types of hackersSet up a penetration testing lab to […]

  • Seccubus- Easy Automated Vulnerability Scanning, Reporting And Analysis

    Seccubus- Easy Automated Vulnerability Scanning, Reporting And AnalysisSeccubus automates regular vulnerability scans with various tools and aids security people in the fast analysis of its output, both on the first scan and on repeated scans.Seccubus runs vulnerability scans at regular intervals […]

  • TOR Router- To Use As Transparent Proxy And Send Traffic Under TOR

    TOR Router- A tool that allow you to make TOR your default gateway and send all internet connections under TOR (as transparent proxy) for increase privacy/anonymity without extra unnecessary code.Tor Router allow you to use TOR as a transparent proxy and send all your traffic under TOR INCLUDING […]