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  • XRay - Using For Recon Mapping And OSINT Suite

    XRay is a software for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks.XRay for network OSINT gathering, its goal is to make some of the initial tasks of information gathering and network mapping automatic.How Does it Work?XRay is a very simple tool, it works this way:It'll bruteforce […]

  • Hacking for Dummies, 6th Edition ($29.99 Value) Free

    "Hacking for Dummies, 6th Edition ($29.99 Value) Free for a Limited Time"Stop hackers before they hack you!In order to outsmart a would-be hacker, you need to get into the hacker’s mindset and with this book, thinking like a bad guy has never been easier. Get expert knowledge on penetration […]

  • TraXSS - Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner

    Automated Vulnerability Scanner for XSS Written in Python3 Traxss is an automated framework to scan URLs and webpages for XSS Vulnerabilities. It includes over 575 Payloads to test with and multiple options for robustness of tests.Getting StartedPrerequisitesTraxss depends on […]

  • Penta- Open Source All-in-one CLI To Automate Pentesting

    Penta (PENTest + Automation tool) is Pentest automation tool using Python3.InstallationInstall requirementspenta requires the following packages.Python3.7pipenvResolve python package dependency.$ pipenv installIf you dislike pipenv..$ pip install -r requirements.txtUsage$ pipenv run start […]

  • Dolos Cloak- For Network Penetration Testers To Automated 802.1x Bypass

    Dolos Cloak- Automated 802.1x BypassDolos Cloak is a python script designed to help network penetration testers and red teamers bypass 802.1x solutions by using an advanced man-in-the-middle attack.The script is able to piggyback on the wired connection of a victim device that is already allowed on […]