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  • OpenCTI - Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

    OpenCTI - Open Cyber Threat Intelligence PlatformIntroductionOpenCTI is an open source platform allowing organizations to manage their cyber threat intelligence knowledge and observables. It has been created in order to structure, store, organize and visualize technical and non-technical […]

  • PostShell - Post Exploitation Bind/Backconnect Shell

    PostShell - Post Exploitation Bind/Backconnect ShellPostShell is a post-exploitation shell that includes both a bind and a back connect shell. It creates a fully interactive TTY which allows for job control.The stub size is around 14kb and can be compiled on any Unix like system. Banner and […]

  • Findomain- Fastest And Cross-platform Subdomain Enumerator

    FinDomain- Fastest And Cross-platform Subdomain Enumerator.ComparisonIt comparison gives you a idea why you should use findomain instead of another enumerators. The domain used for the test was in the following BlackArch virtual machine:Host: KVM/QEMU (Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, […]

  • Burp Suite Extension - To Monitor And Keep Track of Tested Endpoints

    Burp Scope Monitor ExtensionA Burp Suite Extension to monitor and keep track of tested endpoints.Main FeaturesSimple, easy way to keep track of unique endpoints when testing an applicationMark individual endpoints as analyzed or notInstantly understand when a new endpoint, not tested is […]

  • Slurp- To Security Audits of S3 Buckets Enumerator

    Slurp- Blackbox/Whitebox S3 Bucket EnumeratorTo Evaluate the security of S3 bucketsOverviewCredit to all the vendor packages to develop Slurp possible.Slurp is for pen-testers and security professionals to perform audits of s3 buckets.FeaturesScan via domain(s); you can target a single domain […]