Women In CyberSecurity – Need

Women in Cyber Security
Women in Cyber Security

Women’s in CyberSecurity – There are less percent of women working in the field of cyber security today.

We are aiming to raise the voice towards the role of women in Cybersecurity because we do need more women in Cybersecurity as per the current trends and opportunities. You would be surprised to know but it is true that women make up only 24% of the Cybersecurity workforce.

So to raise this awareness towards our readers and the young community who are unaware of this immense opportunity, we are following up with some of the best in the Cybersecurity domain and sharing their opinions about what they think about it.

So here goes the discussion:

Question 1- Do you think it is important to close the gender gap in Cybersecurity workforce and what are your objectives as a woman in Cybersecurity?
Question 2- Would you agree, there should be more women participants and speakers in Cybersecurity events and conferences?

We have communicated with them on Twitter and LinkedIn and following are their opinions.


Naomi Hodges, Technical Advisor, Specialising in the Network Security and Privacy related issues

“Recent research shows that despite being underrepresented, women in Cybersecurity are better educated, younger and assume leadership roles at higher rates than men. I believe that these successful trailblazers of the industry should reach back and bring more female professionals into the field.

As well as share their insights of raising to the top of the sphere despite the unpleasant obstacles like earning less, even if holding similar credentials. Women must learn to voice their knowledge and be more outspoken about the issues they have to deal with while working in a male-dominated industry.”


Dr Magda CHELLY, CISSP , Cyberfeminist 
To enable more diversity through role models, and celebrating other women in cyber security.

“According to Forbes, the forecast estimates 3.5 million unfilled positions in the cyber security industry by 2021.
This of course means that the companies in research for security talent will not find it. The consequences might be giving the security hat to the infrastructure teams, for example or a CTO/CIO taking the roles.

While, this phenomenon raises a lot of concerns as undeniably security, innovation and technology have different goals and might cause a conflict of interest, as well. This is just a hypothetical scenario and I think that the impact of cyber security talent gap can be a real threat to our overall ecosystem.

Women frame only 20% of the cybersecurity workforce. Those numbers increased; however it definitely addresses the functions as well like sales, marketing, etc. They do not gather technical functions only. However, what are the domains of cyber security? We have a huge of opportunities across for all genders, and specifically for women: From security operations, risks and governance, cyber security awareness, DevSecOps, penetration testing, etc.

Those are all opportunities that should be given to women as well, making sure that unconscious biases are not in the way, reducing egalitarian opportunities for both genders.

In conferences and events, this is valid as well, and we should intentionally try to bring more diversity and reach out to the right experts. Nowadays, with social media, it is not anymore so difficult to find the right people, she said.”


Clare Johnson– Head of Cyber Security at USW, developing cyber talent, Founder @womencyberwales

“The question is the other way around for me. What is my objective for cyber? It is to see a highly skilled, passionate and diverse workforce. That is the best way we can protect our online lives from those that would aim to cause damage.

At the moment, the cyber workforce isn’t diverse enough so we are missing out on a raft of talent. I’d like to see much more support and a degree of culture change to improve this.

I agree in principle that the focus shouldn’t be on gender but the reality is that women are really under-represented. More needs to be done to encourage and support women into the industry, starting from a young age. That’s my opinion but I don’t have the answers.”


Helen Oakley– Cybersecurity expert @SAP

“I don’t think the ratio should be defined for conference speaking nor the employment or else. We should be looking for an expert not a gender. By forcing such guidelines we are falling into a slippery slopes of a reverse discrimination when something else goes above quality.

…instead, we need to focus on upskilling those who needs it, providing them opportunity and trust they will do their best. Because if you provide necessary tools and resources to a passionate person, great things will happen..

…also, in some cases, certain perceptions resign deeper in cultural beliefs. We need to challenge these believes, persona thoughts and incompetencies, and show by example it can be different. But even then, the change won’t come in one day..

..cyber field is a field where we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, live in a continuous learning and be somewhat obsessed with the topic.”


SecuNinja– Security Researcher

“To be honest: why women or men or diverse? why not #awesomepeopleintech?

it’s not that i wouldn’t acknowledge the work but i think it’s the effort and the people we should recognize, not the gender.”


Sonali Guha– MD Technoking Group of Company

“As we are working since very long in the field of cyber security we are providing free training free consultancy sessions many short term and long term awareness programs, this is our contribution to society.

“Digital education is important for each and every single person who is connected with technology, directly or indirectly.”

“I think awareness is important to prevent yourself from cyber attacks. Maximum number of victim because they are not aware of security threats of social media online activities they are performing. It becomes difficult when lack of knowledge takes place using technology is most important but knowledge of using techniques is also important.”

For the further future I am planning for online free awareness education. Specially for women’s I am going to launch a book with security tips for online transaction, social media hidden camera detection extra, she said.”

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