Parrot Security Operating System – Version 4.6 Released For Ethical Hackers

Parrot Operating System
Parrot Operating System

The Parrot security team have released a new version 4.6 of its Linux based operating system with added Reverse engineering tool Ghidra.

Parrot OS is a Linux distribution based on Debian with a focus on computer security. It is designed for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, computer forensics and anonymous web browsing.

What’s new Parrot Security 4.6 OS?

  • In three months development the Parrot 4.6 operating sytem added feature KDE plasma and MATE desktop environment.
  • Both the KDE and MATE are available in Home and Security editions.
  • It is also the first release completely served by its network without SaaS services like cloudflare.
  • Support for https-to-http downgrades for the APT package manager.

For the KDE Edition Parrot Security said,
“When we first added KDE, it was an experiment. We love Mate but we’d heard great things about KDE and decided we could try and support two desktop environments. Because of the work required to change everything from Mate to KDE. We started with KDE Home.

The feedback was immediate, you guys loved it. The recurring request since has been “how do I add the tools”. We heard you and it is finally here! A Security edition featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

We now offer both MATE and KDE images for the Home and Security editions.”

New Supports Added

  • Improved Driver support

Parrot 4.6 includes the Linux 4.19 kernel which contains several security patches, performance improvements and a better hardware support.

Moreover Parrot 4.6 features important updates for broadcom and other wireless chipset manufacturers.

  • Anonsurf has OpenNIC support

Anonsurf now integrates a new option to change from the system DNS servers to OpenNIC DNS resolvers.

OpenNIC is a community-driven dns resolver provider that respects user freedom and allows domain resolution of some special top level domains.

  • OpenVPN support

Setting up your VPN should be painless and quick. Network-manager now integrates all the available VPN plugins by default, allowing that experience to be just that.

  • Reverse Engineering

While we evaluate the inclusion of NSA’s Ghidra, we decided to include Cutter, the powerful GUI to radare2, which is one of the most powerful reverse engineering frameworks out there.

Cutter makes it easier to work with the radare2 framework and pushes Parrot’s reverse engineering capabilities to a new level.

Download the latest version here. or Update your existing Parrot operating system as following command.

sudo parrot-upgrade


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