Using Agile For Cyber Security

Cyber Security Agile
Cyber Security Agile

If you want to enhance your cybersecurity systems, then you should be willing to invest in updated methods of preventing attacks. Records show that large organizations strain to keep cybercriminals at bay despite their financial muscles. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, this vice will cost institutions over $6 trillion annually by 2012.

To curb the risks, cybersecurity experts have consistently researched to develop methods that will strengthen security systems while sealing all the loopholes that cybercriminals use. Recently, organizations have embraced the use of Agile techniques. Unlike the traditional waterfall methods, this methodology allows organizations to deliver value faster and with greater predictability.

Also, Chief Security Officers (CSOs) can integrate Agile techniques during the development of cybersecurity software to ensure a rapid response to any change in the system. This way, the system will block any security risks that threaten the smooth operations of your organization.

What is Agile Methodology?

The technique involves building software that’s scalable and repeatable. IT professionals try to maintain minimalism in every aspect of operations, which helps them to analyze, test, and secure all the components of your business. For example, imagine having a file of 20 gigabytes! Such a file is too large to study and understand, right?

Well, Agile methodology aims at developing a software that is small, easy-to-understand, and secure to digest that 20 gig file.  Also, the Agile concept capitalizes on repeatability, which limits the operations of any organization within frameworks that have been tested and proven to be safe. If you implement the technique, all your employees will work with only what they know. This approach eases operations analysis, thus detecting problems before they occur.

If there is a need to institute a given element in your software, your IT specialists will include it after critical evaluations to identify and seal all the security loopholes that such inclusion may carry.

Getting Ready for Agile Cyber Security

There are several aspects that you should consider before integrating Agile methodologies into your security systems. Following these aspects to the letter helps your business to adapt to the new technique, thus ensuring a seamless transition from the traditional waterfall technique.

They include:

Categorize Your Data.

Your IT professionals should study your data keenly to classify it based on its confidentiality and susceptibility to cyber-attacks. This exercise helps to develop a more targeted approach to security matters. For example, data classified as “highly restricted” will receive more security restrictions than “ordinary data.” As a result, the organization gets a more comprehensive security system that is easy to evaluate and update.

Institute Defensive Mechanisms

Agile cybersecurity development will only succeed if you adopt a comprehensive system that will detect cybersecurity threats before they wreak havoc in your organization. You can achieve this by automating your operations using technology approaches such as scanning, simulated attacks, and having a precise risk analysis strategy.

This will ensure that each sprint schedule improves the existing system by identifying and sealing all its loopholes. Every stage of security software development installs a new measure to curb the vulnerabilities thus leading to a highly compact system

Utilize Cloud Security

Cloud security offers numerous benefits that will undoubtedly boost your efforts to safeguard your systems from cyber-attacks. It provides a centralized security system that eases the risk mitigation process. What’s best about this approach is its simplicity and relatively affordable initial cost.

Use Pay-as-you-Consume Model

When designing your Agile cybersecurity approaches, you should strive to keep operations down without affecting the efficiency of the system. One of the surest techniques that can save you some bucks is the pay-as-you-consume models. Many organizations have realized that the flat rates for cloud-based services are pricey, while the system may not have lots of workloads. As such, it’s wise to pay the cloud providers only when your organization needs their services.

Train your Employees Regularly

The security of your organization’s database is primarily affected by the activities of your workers. As such, you must educate them on the Agile technique of software development. This will ensure that they only use safe programs as they handle their daily operations. Also, the training encourages an inter-connected alliance between the IT professionals and various departments of your organization. This ensures continuous development of the software to incorporate the needs of the company without overloading the system with unnecessary details.

Benefits of Using Agile for Cyber Security

When you apply the Agile technique to your cybersecurity, you’ll accrue the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Continuity

The Agile method ensures that your business will always get tailor-made solutions to its problems. When you nurture a team of professionals to develop your working software, they understand all the security details of your organization.

This makes it easy for them to code for features that will progressively improve the cybersecurity system of your business. Also, this technique allows you to have a personalized system that seals the loopholes that cybercriminals use without your knowledge.

  • Everything in Your Systems Will Be Tested

When you use software like Microsoft, it has so much data that you may not need. You’ll only understand a small percentage of the features in the software. If not addressed, cybercriminals use what you do not comprehend to attack your business. Applying Agile techniques in cybersecurity ensures that all that you have in your system is all that you need. As such, it’s easier to test and strengthen the security systems in your business.

  • Improves Efficiency in Your Operations

Applying the Agile cybersecurity technique guarantees consistency, viability, and repeatability of your operations, which significantly boost the productivity of your employees. Additionally, this technique encourages collaboration among various departments in your organization which enhances the flow of information and further enhances your risk analysis and mitigation techniques.

Bottom Line

Cybercriminals are highly dynamic, and they’ll utilize every opportunity they find to attack your business. As such, you should always institute measures to curb their activities.

One of the surest ways to achieve this is by integrating Agile software development techniques in your security systems. This will help in sealing all the loopholes that may expose your business to the criminals.

The software in your business is a developed, on-need basis, which eliminates unnecessary and unsecured files that criminals use to access your database. The understanding of every security detail improves your risk mitigation techniques.

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