The Amalgamation Of Data Science And Cyber Security

Data Science And Cyber Security
Data Science And Cyber Security

With the digital transformation of the world, a lot of aspects get changed because of the constant increase in cyber threats. Cyber Security, along with the reenactment of data science, plays a major part where users can heave a sigh of relief.

Cyber security is an amalgamation of two words named cyber and security, where security enacts the primary role of a human, while on the other hand, cyber adds an amazing dimension to the word security.

Data science in cyber security plays a major role where it helps a cyber-engineer to create a particular framework and model for making the personal information of an individual safe. Due to the increased security threats, a lot of organizations today are dealing with the subject of cyber security. This major increase in growth has propelled a lot of institutes and online learning agencies in giving data science certification, which forms the base for a future cyber security specialist.

But, learning a data science specialization concept or an artificial intelligence course is not enough to make a career in the domain of cyber security. Though Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Information Security are interrelated, one needs to understand a few concepts more which are required at the helm of cyber security as far as the learning phase of a beginner is concerned.

But what does a data scientist do in the field of cyber security? Digging deep into the article might answer the million-dollar question.


A spokesperson of National Security to Maintain Cyberspace says, “The health of functioning of cyberspace is essential for the in-form working and safeguarding our economy and military benefactors.” It has been one of the very important factors for the case of cyberspace, where it forms the main crux and the information medium for the well to do of the national enterprises. So, what exactly is cyberspace and what does it mainly consist of.

Irrespective of the industry, whether it is e-commerce, social interaction, business to business stuff, virtualization and technology, cyberspace, in the software planet, plays medium where everything gets connected, whether it’s through the phones, various social platforms, inducing software medium languages or the internet.

Social Engineering Techniques

One of the important concepts, where casualties and vulnerabilities always form the main dimension, social engineering techniques are mainly used by the cyber criminals to gather the personal information of a particular person. With the advent of Zeus Virus, which has been on the rise since 2007, social engineering attacks have been on the rise. Artificial Intelligence plays a basic part for culminating social engineering techniques.

Utilizing it in the data collected will help the CIOs to easily detect what could be ardent changes which they can make, depending upon the technical threats. Artificial Intelligence helps the security expert in order to manage the data accurately, and they can also have a basic idea, to deduce technical threats into a major booster for the finance level of the company.

So, to curb that, cyber security guys should be well versed with the concerned techniques, which can make various destructive head throws to the system. Banking and financial details can also be extracted with this methodology.

Challenges which are Faced By A Data Scientist In Cyber Security

The three main sectors which are riding a cyber-security planet are Distress, Fear, Fickleness, Horrors, and Doubts. With the advent of these factors, the mindset of a cyber-security is now changed.

The technical risks which are being faced by the companies are enormous and the curbing factor is only based on assumptions, instead of data or facts. With the introduction of data science in cyber security factors, these doubt propelling assumptions are now being changed into data.

Starting a career in cybersecurity, the main factors which a data scientist can face are:

  • Botnet Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Confidentiality Hacking
  • Integrity Exposure
  • Phishing
  • Spamming
  • Hacking Of Cryptocurrency

D. What does a Data Scientist Do to Face and Eventually Reduce the Challenges

Today, the relationship between the companies and cyber-criminals have been asymmetric. There has been accusation on the companies, where the technological risk is not been maintained. The present risk which is being faced by a CISO is the information of the data which he is not meaningful or timely, making it a lot difficult to convert the technical risk into business growth.

So, the few concepts which a data scientist needs to do are:

  • Analyze the business threat
  • Take the data from the systems
  • Suggest changes and Relate the Data on the Technological Criterion
  • Make Changes in The Company Data
  • Working with the Security Team to curb the bad decisions made by the company.
  • Convert the Technical Risks Into Business Growth

Data Science and Information Security are the two aspects of the same coin. But, it depends upon the company how they can relate the two and save themselves from cyber terrorism.

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