Pirated Game Of Thrones Torrent File Hides Malware

Game Of Thrones Final
Game Of Thrones Final

If you are thinking to download Pirated Game of Thrones then beware, it should be Malware. Or if you already downloaded then your Computer might be get compromised.

17 percent of all cases pirated TV shows users had to deal with malicious programs. Out of the top 10 TV shows used for cyberattacks, Game of Thrones was only seventh in terms of the proportion of malicious files to the number of affected users.

According to new research by Kaspersky,

Kaspersky security researchers said Game of Thrones torrent is an easy to spread malware into users computers also followed by The Walking Dead and Arrow including Suits, Vikings, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and This is Us.

The report said pirated Game of Thrones content affecting 20,934 users yet.

Whereas “Winter is coming” is the most affecting episodes used by cybercriminals. Security researchers found 33 types of malware contained as a torrent file of the Game of Thrones episodes.

More than 120,000 users were infected by malware by watching pirated TV shows last year, even Game of Thrones didn’t release any new episodes in 2018. The first and last episodes were affecting mostly.

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Kaspersky Lab classifies it as a type of AdWare. While technically AdWare may represent legitimate software, in many cases users have to deal with file partner programs trying to install partner software and sometimes also download malware to their computers.

How to Be Safe?

  • Avoid to pirates and download from unsafe sites.
  • Only allow downloading through an authorized streaming services.
  • Check the Website should be legitimate before download.
  • To check the URL, it should be not as fake.
  • To check the comments about a downloadable file.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links promising exclusive early premiere of the latest episodes; consult the TV show schedule and keep track of it

In 2017, Game of Thrones Script was Hacked

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