Nmap 7.95 Released: Enhanced Network Scanning with More OS and Service Detection Power

Nmap 7.95 Version
Nmap 7.95 Version

The Nmap Project, a well-respected name in the security community, has released its latest version, Nmap 7.95. This update brings significant improvements for network discovery and security auditing, empowering administrators and security professionals with more powerful tools.

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What’s New in Nmap 7.95?

  • Expanded OS and Service Detection: Nmap 7.95 boasts a substantial update to its signature database, incorporating over 2,500 new service/version detection fingerprints. This translates to a more comprehensive understanding of the operating systems and services running on your network.
  • Notable additions include support for the latest versions of iOS, macOS, Linux, and OpenBSD, along with detection for new protocols like grpc, mysqlx, and tuya.
  • For OS detection, added 336 signatures, bringing the new total to 6,036. Additions include iOS 15 & 16, macOS Ventura & Monterey, Linux 6.1, OpenBSD 7.1, and lwIP 2.2.
  • Upgraded Npcap for Windows Users: Windows users rejoice! Nmap 7.95 integrates the latest version of Npcap (Network Packet Capture), the driver responsible for raw packet capture and transmission. This upgrade brings performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features, ensuring a smoother experience for Windows users.
  • Enhanced Scripting Capabilities: Nmap’s scripting engine, Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE), gains four new scripts from the DINA community. These scripts cater specifically to querying industrial control systems, providing valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities within these critical infrastructures.

Why Should You Upgrade to Nmap 7.95?

Upgrading to Nmap 7.95 offers several advantages:

  • Improved Network Visibility: With its expanded detection capabilities, Nmap 7.95 paints a more accurate picture of your network environment, allowing you to identify potential vulnerabilities and security risks more effectively.
  • Enhanced Security Auditing: The new service detection features empower you to conduct more thorough security audits, ensuring your network remains protected against evolving threats.
  • Streamlined Workflows (Windows): Windows users benefit from the upgraded Npcap driver, experiencing improved performance and a more streamlined workflow during packet capture and transmission tasks.

Port scanning is still Nmap’s core feature, so we made some performance optimizations there. We also improved the OS detection engine and signature grammar.

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Download and Get Started with Nmap 7.95

Nmap is a free and open-source tool available for download on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can find the latest version and download instructions on the official Nmap website: https://nmap.org/download.

Whether you’re network administrator or just starting your security journey, Nmap 7.95 offers valuable tools to enhance your network discovery and security auditing capabilities.

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