Nintendo Hack – 160,000 Users Passwords Breached

Nintendo Hacked
Nintendo Hacked

Nintendo officially confirmed that about 160,000 accounts were accessed unauthorized.

Hackers breached the company data, including name, date of birth, country, email address and they could access payment services like PayPal or credit cards linked to Nintendo online store.

Nintendo is one of the world’s largest video game companies by market capitalization.

Nintendo advised users to enable two-factor authentications.

“We will notify you by e-mail to the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) and Nintendo account that the password was reset, so please reset your password with two-factor for the next time you use it. In that case, please avoid reusing the password that you have already used for other services. If you have already logged into your Nintendo account via NNID, please log in with your Nintendo account email address / login ID after the next login, the company said.

All breached accounts passwords are now being reset, and Nintendo disables the main Nintendo account through NNID. Affected users will be notified by email. Also, the Company advises changing the password immediately.

If you use the same password for your NNID and Nintendo account, your balance and registered credit card / PayPal may be illegally used at My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop. Please set different passwords for NNID and Nintendo account.”

Advise to use Two-Step Authorisation

In addition, as we have been guiding you for a long time, please set up two-step verification for your Nintendo account in order to use our services safely and safely.

In addition, if damage such as purchase history that you do not know is found in your Nintendo account related to this unauthorized login, conduct an individual investigation and then cancel the purchase etc,” said the company.

The details of the impact of this matter are as follows.

  • NNID that may have received unauthorized login
  • About 160,000 accounts
  • Information that may have been viewed by a third party

The following information registered in NNID
Nickname, date of birth, country / region, email address.

Due to the influence of unauthorized login to NNID, the following information of Nintendo accounts (excluding those for which two-step verification is set) linked with NNID may also have been viewed by a third party.

The following information registered in your Nintendo account
Name, date of birth, gender, country / region, email address
There is no credit card number among the information that may have been viewed.

Nintendo said, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and concern to our customers and related parties. In the future, we will make further efforts to strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur.

To prevent unauthorized use of your own account, please note the above <Request to Customers> to use our account.

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