New Ransomware Variant RobbinHood Attack in US City

Ransomware New
Ransomware New
  • The major ransomware attack on US city, Baltimore.

  • Cyber Criminals used NSA developed software for Ransomware.

  • The new variant of Ransomware named RobbinHood.

The Cyber criminals used a tool which was developed by US National Security Agency (NSA) to target the computer systems.

On Saturday, The New York Times reported that a hacking vulnerability known as EternalBlue has been exploited to blackmail Baltimore’s local government.

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On 7th May, thousands of computers were frozen in Baltimore’s city government computers. The cyber criminals demanded 13 BTC (about $100,000 USD) to unlock all systems.

People were unable to pay bills and online payment for their utilities.

“We’ve watching you for days and we’ve worked on your systems to gain full access to your company and bypass all of your protections,” the ransom note said.

Previously, NSA Tool was reportedly known as EternalBlue, which leaked online by Shadow Brokers. It has been used in several cyber attacks across the globe in Russia, China and North korea.

EternalBlue is one of the most famous software for information gathering. NSA used the tool as secretly and never told to Microsoft for over fiver years, before the hackers stolen it.

After that Microsoft had been patched the EternalBlue. But still some of the users are not updating their Windows for latest patch and caused by cyber attack.

Senator Chris Van Hollen and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger have told to Baltimore Sun Newspaper that they are now seeking a full briefing directly from the NSA.

We must ensure that the tools developed by our agencies do not make their way into the hands of bad actors, “the senator told the paper.

“We will be asking for some financial assistance from the federal government to help the city of Baltimore out,” Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said.

Don Norris, a professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, said the city’s repeat victimization underscores how municipal governments struggle to keep computer networks safe.

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“You’ve got increasingly sophisticated and very persistent bad guys out there looking for any vulnerability they can find and local governments, including Baltimore, who either don’t have the money or don’t spend it to properly protect their assets,” said Norris, who surveyed local government leaders about computer security in 2016.

“I’m not surprised that it happened,” he said, “and I won’t be surprised when it happens again.”

What’s now?

Baltimore has refused the demands of cyber criminals. Authorities are patching the software vulnerabilities in computer systems.

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