How To Prevent Cyber Attacks on Businesses?

Cyber Security Alert
Cyber Security Alert

One thing that can destroy a perfectly running business is the Cyber Attack. And what makes them more dangerous is that they are inevitable and can happen to any organization until they follow the preventive measures to cope with them.

For any business, whether it is a startup or an established corporation, it is necessary to plan and apply security measures to guard their work and immobilize any attempt of a cyber attack.

In this post, we would discuss what actions an organization could take to prevent cyber attacks on their businesses.

Install Security Program

The first and most crucial step is to equip all the computer systems that are required for your business with a robust security solution. Security program such as Bitdefender is affordable and comes with top protection features. Also, ensure that it is regularly updated with the latest security patches to tackle the new threats. You must also make sure that the firewall is also enabled to scan your network.

Enable the Multi-Factor Authentication

Many cyberattackers take advantage of the weak login system of some applications to get into the system. Enabling the multi-factor authentication on all the accounts/applications will ensure that your business is not infiltrated through hacking or phishing attacks.

Secure Hardware

Having secure hardware is another essential need for preventing cyber attacks. Secure hardware, backed up by the extra protection of multi-factor authentication, will be complicated to breach. Much of the sensitive data of the company is stored in the storage disks. These physical storage disks must be protected and backed up.

Encrypt the Data

If your organization’s network is compromised by hackers, you can easily immobilize it by regularly encrypting the data. Even if the infiltrators get their hand on the encrypted data, it would be useless for them. Though a group of professional hackers would back themselves to crack the encryption, it would not be easy for them.

Backup the Data

Data encryption can works against your business too. Modern professional cyberattackers can infiltrate your system with ransomware that would encrypt your data. After locking the data, the cybercriminals behind the ransomware attack would demand the ransom in return for the decrypting key or tool. To prevent such an incident from happening to your company, it is advised to regularly back up the data so that in case of external encryption from ransomware, the organization can restore it, and there is no loss of data.

Keep Your System Updated

For protection against the latest online threats, it is essential to keep the operating system and the software of the devices updated regularly. Regularly updating the OS ensure that the latest security patches are installed on your device. An outdated application can contain security loopholes and thereby become a possible gateway for malware entry.

Set up Web and Email Filters

The most common way used by scammers or hackers to target business employees is through emails and web browsers. Using the email filters would ensure that no spam email would attract your employees to click on the malicious links. Also, email filters help in maintaining the clutter-free mail inbox.

Limit Employee Access to Data

Being the manager or the owner of the organization, it is your responsibility to restrict the employee’s access to your company’s sensitive data. It would prevent human error and also any data stealing. Employees must be authorized just the data or tool they might require to complete their tasks. Also, once an employee leaves your company, immediately halt their access to any of your data or account that includes clearing all login credentials, collecting the entry keys, and more.

Educate the Employees

Educating the employees is another crucial step in preventing cyberattacks. Make your employee learn about cybersecurity’s latest happenings, how cybercriminals trap users, how phishing attacks are performed, and more such information. Make them aware of the consequences of using the public network for office work, visiting unsecured websites, and sharing sensitive information on social media.

Whenever new employees join the organization, they must be given proper cybersecurity awareness training. Such training can come in handy in case of a security breach. Because of the training, the employees would not panic and calmly handle the situation, making the recovery process more manageable.

Get Cybersecurity Insurance

Since modern cybercriminals are too advanced and sophisticated, even after carefully taking all the defense measures and being security-concerned, your organization is still prone to cyber attacks. In such a tough time, investing in Cybersecurity Insurance is not a bad option. In case of a security breach and data theft on your organization, the insurance policy would come to your rescue and would cover the financial loss because of the attack. Apart from it, some insurance policies also provide financial help in recovering the lost data and buying new hardware and software components.

Final Words

Cyber attacks are always on the rise and not going to go down anytime soon. With advancements in security technology, cybercriminals are also making themselves advance to break the security code somehow. However, by noting the security measures listed in this post, businesses can make the strategy for the defense against cyber crimes and prevent malign attacks on their systems.

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