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Adding a signature to a PDF file or document is easy if you are using a reliable software. There are many options, but one cannot go for any other app to do the work. Choosing the right application is essential because we need to go for a trusted option to do this kind of work.

In case you need to know how to add a signature to a PDF, this page will help you find out the right answer and how this process works. Look at the below information to find out what you need to know about signing PDF documents.

Significance of Signing through an Electronic Device

One of the primary benefits of e-signatures is that your documents become legally binding. You don’t have to be worried about the authenticity of the papers as they are already verified. Apart from using them in your routine life activities, you can use them in other fields and sectors.

By doing that you can leave your worries behind and do the rest of the work without any trouble. Leave your problems aside as now you can focus on your work and don’t think about the legal concerns of documentation authenticity.

You can sign PDF online by using good signature software. These also offer many other formats like Excel, Word, JPD, and others so that you can go for any format according to your convenience. Even images and texts can be added after you upload the image.

That’s a huge benefit because you don’t have to do all the work from the start as everything can be done online within a few minutes and clicks. The work is done via remote processing. You don’t need to be present at the exact place where you are supposed to do your signing work and do it online whenever you need to.

It would be best to have an e-device to do the work for you and an internet connection. The rest of the work will be done by the software. Stay where you are, and take out your electronic device for the sake of signing important documents.

Switching from papers to e-signatures save you from the hassle of arranging and managing documents on your own. This work is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. Not everyone can do it manually because the job is tough, and everyone doesn’t have so much stamina to do it without venting around.

Apart from all of that, there is a high possibility that your documents will lose or some private information might get leaked. With e-signs, you can save yourself from this trouble and do everything online without roaming around with many papers from one place to another.

Make contracts, agreements, dealings from wherever you need to as e-signs help you grow your work. You don’t have to be worried because your workflow might disturb if someone doesn’t sign the documents that you need on an urgent basis, as this can be done via automatic processing.

These software save the money that you spent on buying papers, scanning, printing, photocopies. Switching to e-signs will make your life and work easy and stress-free. You can save this amount and invest it in your work.

E-signatures don’t restrict you from making deals outside your region. You can finalize your agreements with people who work far away without thinking about how all the paperwork will be processed. With e-signs, you can do all of this through online processing.

Digital signs are a secure and safe way to do the work with safety. This process takes a few minutes to execute as you don’t need to do signing work manually. It also takes time so by e-signs you can do the job without spending a lot of time.

These signs are highly encrypted, and users can make them with total safety with electronic devices. E-signature save your time and energy that you were previously spending on manual work. Within a couple of minutes, you can create many signs.

CocoSign as an App for E-Signatures

This cloud-based software has everything that one needs to gain access to the documenting process without any effort. You only need an e-device and internet connection to do the work. The rest of the work will be done automatically. This application is in the market for a long time now, and there are millions of users using this app.


CocoSign offers you a vast collection of templates in the library. You can choose the one that suits you the best according to your business needs. It also provides you with various business softwares to introduce them to your business partners to increase the workflow and work properly.

With this software’s help, you can make business dealings even from far away places and boost your work quality. This will also help you in broadening your work circle. You don’t have to restrict your work to a limited area as you can extend it at a larger scale whenever you need to.

cocosign online contract signing
cocosign online contract signing

The best thing about CocoSign is that you don’t have to be worried about your business’s size and filed as this software helps you with all kinds of business regardless of the size and sector. All the activities will be adequately monitored with CocoSign as it tells you about everything in real-time.

Whenever someone opens the document, you upload edits and signs it; you will know about it instantly. This allows you to find out who has signed the papers and who is next in line needs to do the work.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, then there is nothing that can beat the expertise of CocoSign. It offers many subscription plans for you to pick from. All of these plans are being made based upon your business needs, so go for the one that suits the nature of your work correctly.

CocoSign offers different formats for the sake of your ease. You can add them in PDF, Word, Excel, JPD, and many other formats. Even pictures and texts can be made whenever you need to even after uploading the papers.

cocosign online-contract-signing
cocosign online contract signing

The app is highly-encrypted, so there is no need to be worried about security matters. Your signs are secured by passcode and fingerprints, so use CocoSign without thinking about the leaked information.

Cocosign send document securely
Cocosign send document securely

Concentrate on your work without thinking about the legal matters of your documents. Stay where you are and make signs of a single business deal or go for multiple deals all at once as the whole process is simple, easy and doesn’t take much time. Think about ways through which you can enhance the quality of your work and leave all the worries behind.
How to Add a PDF Signature with CocoSign

Step 1. In the start, you need to drag and drop your PDF onto the highlighted area so that you could upload the file to the platform. Another thing is to click the ‘choose file’ button.

Cocosign upload documents
Cocosign upload documents

Step 2. To sign a PDF online, choose the document, pick a signature type and make a signature free using a mouse, an electronic pen, or touchpad. Then you need to add this digital signature to the document. You can also upload a ready-made signature.

Cocosign draw
Cocosign draw

Step 3. After making all the changes, tap the option that says “Download’, and you have your signed pdf downloaded through a secure SSL connection.

Cocosign download
Cocosign download


We hope this information would be sufficient to give you a clear-cut idea about this amazing-design app. Try this out in case you need to do your work with 100% safety. CocoSign has everything that one looks for in a trusted application.

We hope that you will not find anything else better than this app. Try it out and share your feedback with us. We are looking forward to it.

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