HOC IG – HackersOnlineClub’s Automatic Information Gathering Tool

Today, we are presenting our own Intelligence Information Gathering suite HOC IG – HackersOnlineClub’s Automatic Information Gathering Tool along with the complete demonstration tutorial.

Please check the POC Video at the end of the article.

HOC IG has the ability to gather as much information as possible about a host. It can collect possible sub-domains, email addresses present on given host, Whois, header information, SSL information, crawl target website and more.

Note : This tool wouldn’t require you to install any Library. It automatically detects, install and run the required files for you.

This tool can perform the following actions :

  • Get Header Information
  • Get SSL Certificate Information
  • Get Whois Lookup
  • Get Sub-domain websites
  • Crawl Target Website (includes Email, Sub-domain, File Type)

So lets start..


  • Kali Linux OS > HOC IG

How to install?

Open the Terminal and type the following codes

>git clone https://github.com/hackersonlineclub/HOCig.git

>cd HOCig

>sudo python hocig.py


Output results are as follows –

First step is to enter the target website and hit enter

After that you will get the option which are as followed

Press 1 and hit enter to get header information of the target

Press 2 and hit enter to get SSL Certification information of the target if SSL Certificate is present. In this case, our target testphp.vulnweb.com doesn’t have SSL present so i am going to test SSL certificate information of hackersonlineclub.com and the result are as follows:

Press 3 and hit enter to get Whois Lookup information of the target

Press 4 and hit enter to fetch all the sub-domains of the target. Following are the examples of hackersonlineclub.com

Press 5 and hit enter to Crawl the Target Website (which includes Email, Sub-domain, File Type) and other information of the target website. Following are the results for testphp.vulnweb.com

Press 6 and hit enter to test all the options or press “0” to change the target.

Watch the POC below:

This is a HOC-IG version 1.0, our first ever open-source tool on GitHub, so don’t forget to give your feedbacks.

Currently, we are working on its second version where you will get even more features.

NOTE: If you face any issue with the tool, please send us an email to [email protected] and keep the Subject “HOC Tool” and we will act upon it immediately.


HOCIG Information Gathering tool second version released – Download here

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