Ethical Hacking – How it Could Be Useful For Organizations

Ethical Hacker
Ethical Hacker

You must have seen numerous posts and guides, which are for businesses to remain safe against Cyberattack. Here also, you will get a similar kind of information but with a twist. You might have a broad knowledge and understanding that how a cyber attack is executed by a hacker and to what extent it could destroy your business. But, have you ever thought that how useful a hacker could be for your organization?

The CyberSecurity threats are continuously growing because of technological advancement, which in the result is increasing ways for hacking. The conventional prevention’s for security are beneficial, but they might not be effective against the new techniques of a cyber attack. However, after a hacker attack the convoluted vulnerabilities within the security system of the organization become clearer, but then it’s too late to prevent loss. Therefore, a hacker into your organization could provide a better and early insight about the security lacks.

Why Ethical Hacking is Beneficial and Do Your Organization Need It?

The security practices present from a significant period are becoming inefficient because the hackers repeatedly attempt to break security and overstep the hindrance. However, the Internet connectivity has also opened new ways for vulnerability exploitation. For instance, access to a single IoT device could lead to a huge number of compromised devices because many devices are connected.

Your organization might not have an extreme requirement of an ethical hacker, but it is always better and effective way to fight against cyber threats. A hacker into your team could add up a new dimension and will be more informed about the ways of malicious hackers. There are some other key benefits ethical hacker could provide to your organization.

Hackers Unravel the Method of Attack

As highlighted before, it is a significant win that you figure out the path through which hackers attack. This will uncover the new methods and approaches a hacker could execute to gain access to your vital information. Attacking patterns always keep on changing and they never remain same as the conventional ones.

The technological advancements, privileged hacking methods, increased awareness and expertise on online security have completely overturned the cyber attacks and their impact.

Pen Testing

Penetration testing is the method through which the organizations could find vulnerabilities into their system. The security lacking into a system, which is vulnerable to cyber attack, could be inspected through various ways, including;

  • External testing which accesses every externally exposed system such as the web servers and DNS servers. Such testing could indicate DNS related threats such DNS Hijacking and DNS Leak.
  • Internal testing figure outs the insider threats or the vulnerabilities due to the internal users with privileged access.
  • Blind testing carries out the real attacks from hackers.

For the pen testing, an organization might need to involve every employee and tell him or her about the hacking being performed. The organization provides limited information to the ethical hackers, which could have been known to malicious attackers in real circumstances. Penetration testing is the key reason for which organizations hire a hacker.

Indication of Security Risks

“Perfect” never exists when it comes to security. However, through proper measures and identification of root issues, you can effectively eradicate the threat. Such deep analysis is what exactly a hacker could do for your organization.
Through pen testing, a hacker could accurately mark the security lacks in an organization’s systems. A team member could also indicate the risky areas, but an ethical hacker could open new dimensions, following which a hacker could exploit system vulnerabilities.

Implementation of adequate Security Patches

Most important and the core reason for which an organization should have ethical hacker is the planning against security threats. When a hacker reveals vulnerabilities into a system, it greatly minimizes risk as the team exactly knows what they should improve and what are the adequate security steps to remove the risk.
Also, ethical hackers could help you in data protection planning, as they are more aware of the security rules they couldn’t manage to break.

You can take the example of ethical hacker deployment from prominent organizations such as DHS. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a huge amount of sensitive data, and that’s the reason they have understood the importance of ethical hackers into their system.

Hacking Your Own Company Could Be a Major Win!

It is vital for an organization to understand the importance of their security system. The simultaneous working of IT security department and an ethical hacker could have a prominent impact on security planning and data protection.
However, it is also important that you keep an eye on the hackers you hire for your organization as you handover critical details to them.

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