Chrome Users Can Scan Files With Google’s Advanced Protection

Google Advance Malware Protection Program
Google Advance Malware Protection Program

Google Improved Advanced Malware Protection Program For Users.

It helps to secure users at higher cyber security risk. By adding a malware protection program in chrome, it become more advanced now.

What is Google Advanced Protection Program?

The Advanced Protection Program safeguards users with high visibility and sensitive information, who are at risk of targeted online attacks. New protections are automatically added to defend against today’s wide range of threats.

In August 2019, Chrome began warning Advanced Protection users when a downloaded file may be malicious.

Now, in addition, Chrome is giving Advanced Protection users the ability to send risky files to be scanned by Google Safe Browsing’s full suite of malware detection technology before opening the file.

How it Works?

When a user downloads a file, Safe Browsing will perform a quick check using metadata, such as hashes of the file, to evaluate whether it appears potentially suspicious. For any downloads that Safe Browsing deems risky, but not clearly unsafe, the user will be presented with a warning and the ability to send the file to be scanned.

  • If the user chooses to send the file,
  • Chrome will upload it to Google Safe Browsing,
  • which will scan it using its static and dynamic analysis techniques in real time.
  • After a short wait, if Safe Browsing determines the file is unsafe,
  • Chrome will warn the user.

As always, users can bypass the warning and open the file without scanning, if they are confident the file is safe. Safe Browsing deletes uploaded files a short time after scanning.

Google Advance Protection
Screenshot by Google

Phone Security

Using your phone’s built-in security key.

  • Android: With an Android 7.0+ phone, you can enroll in a few taps by registering your phone’s built-in security key.
  • iPhone: If you have an iPhone running iOS 10.0+, install the Google Smart Lock app to register your security key first, then enroll.

Why it’s important?

According to Google, with the US election fast approaching, for example, Advanced Protection could be useful to members of political campaigns whose accounts are now more likely to be targeted. If you’re a user at high-risk of attack, visit to enroll in the Advanced Protection Program.

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