Best Antiviruses of 2020


Malware and viruses are a deep concern for people all over the world. Viruses can be involved in a privacy breach, erasing important data, and have a significant impact on the speed and performance of your computer.

Antiviruses must install on your computer to protect from unwanted consequences, but choosing the best antivirus can be a tiring task. You have to take many criteria under consideration for getting an advanced protection system for your computer and important data.

Antiviruses can also protect your family and data from hacker attacks and frauds. They are one form of cybersecurity that is essential in this digital world.

If you find it difficult to choose a brand for security and protection, we are here to help you out.


It is top rated and best antivirus for the calendar year of 2020. It provides excellent protection and security from viruses along with a wide range of features as well. It has a highly rated and unbeatable threat detection to stop malware and viruses. It also has multi-layered ransomware protection that helps in keeping your files safe.

A secure VPN is also a part of the package which will help you chat safely along with social sites and surf safely and anonymously. It also has a feature for parental controls by which you can keep an eye on your kids’ internet history. The plus side of using it has a little or minimal impact on your computer’s performance.

It is also helpful in extending battery life on laptops and tablets. Its the expert choice and has an award-winning recognition by AV comparatives and others. It can secure up to five devices and have three kinds of plans to choose according to your affordability and needs.

It works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This antivirus was praised early last year to find viruses that would turn on a user’s camera for recording and surveillance and could control devices like the surveillance and security devices seen here.


It is one of the best antiviruses and successfully eliminates threats, malware, and viruses from your computers. The high-accuracy and online backup capabilities make it one of the unique forms of cybersecurity.

The features and antivirus all over were awarded 44-Time Winner awarded in 2019. The advanced protection with Norton provides security against existing and emerging threats to devices and helps protect confidential and private data. It has a secure VPN and a password manager that allows you to surf any browser safely and securely store passwords and important credentials.

Feature with cloud backup where you can store your important files so that in case of any hard drive failure or other unexpected situations, your important files and data can be recovered securely. It has parental control, firewalls for Mac and PC, protect for webcam. The company claimed to provide 100 percent protection from viruses and succeeded in doing so in many cases. It has four different packages which you can choose of.


It’s a leading cybersecurity company that promises better protection and security of your computer. It has protection for multiple devices and fixes threats and security issues. It does not record any false positives and eliminates only true malware and viruses.

It also prevents scams and fraud from reaching you and has a feature of storing your documents in an encrypted folder. The industry recognizes it as one of the best networks of antiviruses threat elimination systems. It could be best option for your home PC, and provide services to enterprises, governments, big and small businesses as well.


If you are looking for a good antivirus for your PC only then, you can option for Kaspersky as it provides services for Windows and Android. It scans computer malware and viruses automatically, and also blocks malware websites by web filtering. It has been scored highly by AV comparatives as well, increasing their demand as the best antivirus. It is an affordable option, as well.


Bull-guard finds malware and delete it. It is one of the easy and simple antiviruses that gives protection against malware and viruses. The intelligent-triple layer protection can scan websites, codes, and all associated programs to find malware. If malware is detected it removed, quarantines, and neutralizes the virus before it destroys the system.

It has a good review, highly recommended, and is also rated by AV comparatives. It works on Windows, Mac, iphones, tablets, and androids as well. It has an efficient, intuitive, elegant, and easy to use interface allowing you to protect yourself from identity theft. It’s an affordable option.

Total AV

Award-winning, and one of the best antiviruses that ensure privacy and security for your devices. It easily eliminates malware and viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, and many more. It’s one of the best brands for ensuring cybersecurity by antivirus protection, which has daily virus definition updates.

It also enables and provides remote access to device firewall settings and a free safe site browser extension that helps analyze and block the suspected sites. You can use it as a safe and affordable option for your devices.


Choosing a best antivirus can be difficult as you have to compare features, prices, and security levels. However, you can not ignore the fact that antiviruses are a necessary software for privacy and security which need to be installed in your devices with important data and files.

Most antivirus software have similar jobs and features you have to compare the deals and offers. A basic package can save you from malware and viruses but the premium has a lot more solutions and features that can keep your computer more secure.

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