Apple Safari Added New Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Apple Safari
Apple Safari

Apple has removed Do not track support and added new security features for Safari Browser that will improve its protection against malicious activity.

Newly Safari Technology Preview 75 Added Intelligent Tracking Prevention. It is ability to enable and disable Intelligent Tracking Prevention Debug Mode in the Develop menu.

Safari improve its performance and Fixes a several bug or WebRTC, Web Authentication, Media, Accessibility, Layout, Web API, WebDriver, Web Inspector, and CSS.

  • Including where sendBeacon to a previously-unvisited HTTPS domain would always fail.
  • Fixed snapshots removed too late after swiping back on Twitter
  • Fixed history navigation’s to that were leading to a 403 HTTP error
  • Fixed a loading hang that could occur on history navigation
  • Updated the MIME-type parse.

Update Web Inspector

  • Added Changes sidebar panel to Elements tab
  • Added support for CSS Color 4 color syntaxes
  • Added supports key to test/group for compatibility in the Audit tab
  • Added a mechanism for Web Inspector to edit page settings on a remote target
  • Added a mechanism for Web Inspector to edit page WebRTC settings on a remote target
  • Added a mechanism for Web Inspector to edit the user agent of a remote target
  • Added grouped CSS rules by resource to the Changes sidebar panel
  • Added a CPU usage timeline in the Timelines tab
  • Added new mechanisms for getting related Accessibility nodes and properties for a given node for audits in the Audit tab
  • Changed the style of the device settings override popover content
  • Changed the Elements tab to toggle visibility for all selected nodes
  • Enabled computed style cascades by default in the Styles sidebar
  • Excluded Debugger Threads from CPU usage values in Web Inspector
  • FIxed a bug that prevented audits from being imported in the Audit tab
  • Improved Dark Mode appearance within Memory timeline
  • Improved invalid Audit and Recording JSON error messages
  • Updated the Memory Timeline View to be responsive when resizing
  • Updated the Audit tab to ensure that each test run creates its own injected objects
  • Updated the Network waterfall column to redraw when adding or removing new columns
  • Updated Web Inspector to show the uncaught exception view for unhandled promise rejections

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