Xerosploit- Penetration Testing Framework For Man-In-The-Middle Attack


Networking is a very important platform it is useful also and can be used as a framework to exploit others. Computers connected to a network can share files and documents with each other.

Personal computers connected to a business network can choose which files and folders are available to share on the network, which can be compromised by framework to steal the data. To do this you can use various types of kit which are pre-installed in the Operating System or you can install it in the system.

So in today’s article you will be getting some information  about a “XEROSPLOIT”.

Before jumping to the Xerosploit let me explain you a term known as “MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK (MitM)”. Man in the middle attack in simple term, is when an attacker intercepts communications between two parties either to secretly eavesdrop or modify traffic traveling between the two.

Attackers might use MitM attacks to steal login credentials or personal information, sabotage communications or corrupt data. Though MitM can be protected against with encryption, successful attackers will either reroute traffic to phishing sites designed to look legitimate or simply pass on traffic to its intended destination once harvested or recorded, meaning detection of such attacks is incredibly difficult.

As you are clear with MitM we can look at What is Xerosploit ?

Xerosploit is a python-based framework for creating efficient Man In The Middle attacks which combines the power of bettercap and nmap. The interface is pretty easy to use.

Xerosploit is a penetration testing framework whose goal is to perform man in the middle attacks for testing purposes. It brings various modules that allow to realise efficient attacks, and you can perform a JavaScript injection, sniffing, traffic-redirection, port-scanning, defacement of the websites the victim browses  or even a dos attack. Xerosploit works with Ubuntu, Kali-Linux and Parrot OS.

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Its specific features are the following:

  • Port scanning
  • Network mapping
  • Dos attack
  • Html code injection
  • Javascript code injection
  • Download interception and replacement
  • Sniffing
  • Dns spoofing
  • Background audio reproduction
  • Images replacement
  • Drifnet
  • Web page defacement and many  more

Xerosploit is an testing framework for MITM which can run only on Linux OS to do so follow the simple steps :-

Open up terminal and type

  • “git clone https://github.com/LionSec/xerosploit.git” (to download xerosploit)

  • cd xerosploit (change your working directory to the downloaded folder)
  • chmod +x install.py (get permission for the file to be executed)
  • python install.py (execute the file to be installed)

  • select your OS ( 1. Kali/Ubuntu 2.Parrot)

After installation is being done type Xerosploit in the terminal.

On the terminal your network configuration details like Your IP Address, Gateway Address, Interface and Mac Address will be shown.

When you can type “help” on the terminal you will see various options like:-

  • scan – Scan the network for available connected devices
  • iface – It can be used to change your interface manually
  • gateway – This can be used if you want to set your gateway other than the one selected
  • start – If you want to target a known victim you can use this
  • rmlog – This will remove all the logs of xerosploit
  • help – Display this help message
  • exit – Close the xerosploit

To scan your network, type “scan” in same terminal which shows you all the available machines/devices connected with your network.

If for example your target/victim IP address is ““, so simply to set your target address, type the same IP in your XERO command terminal.

Now you have to select a modules which will be performed on the targeted IP address.

The options will be displayed by typing “help” on the terminal.

For example if you want to do the port scanning type “pscan” in same terminal followed by “run” command. port scanning will be performed.

For sniffing, type “sniff” in same terminal followed by “run” command and type y if you want to use sslstrip for sniffing HTTPS packets.

For DOS (Denial of Service) attack, type “dos” followed by run command.

You can perform various modules on the targeted machine. You have to be very careful while using these commands for attacking. XeroSploit is to perform only for Penetration Testing use.

XeroSploit is best both for beginners and experts as it allows you an easy interface to inject HTML or JavaScript to redirect your victim to a malicious link or to force him to download malicious content using JavaScript alert and Download function which can be injected into their network traffic and get access to their system.

Disclaimer: This Tutorial is used for Knowledge Purpose Only.
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