Linux Distro Parrot OS 5.1 Released For Security Researchers

Parrot OS 5.1
Parrot OS 5.1

Parrot OS 5.1 is officially released.

Parrot OS is a Linux distribution based on Debian with a for security, privacy, and development. You can say its another Kali Linux.

Download the new version of Parrot OS 5.1; this new version includes a number of improvements and updates that improve performance and security.

How do I get Parrot OS?

You can download Parrot OS by clicking here and, as always, we invite you to never trust third part and unofficial sources.
If you need any help or in case the direct downloads don’t work for you, we also provide official Torrent files, which can circumvent firewalls and network restrictions in most cases.

How do I upgrade from a previous version?

First of all, we always suggest to update your version for being sure that is stable and functional.

You can upgrade an existing system via APT using one of the following commands:

sudo parrot-upgrade
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Even if we recommend to always update your version, it is also recommended to do a backup and re-install the latest version to have a cleaner and more reliable user experience, especially if you upgrade from a very old version of parrot.

What’s new in Parrot OS 5.1

New kernel 5.18.

Updated backports.

Several packages were updated and backported, like the new Golang 1.19 or Libreoffice 7.4. This is part of our commitment to provide the latest version of every most important software while choosing a stable LTS release model.

To make sure to have all the latest packages installed from our backports channel, use the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade -t parrot-backports

System updates

The system has received important updates to some opf its key packages, like parrot-menu, which now provides additional launchers to our newly imported tools; or parrot-core, which now provides a new firefox profile with improved security hardening, plus some minor bugfixes to our zshrc configuration.

Tools updates

Most of our tools have received major version updates, especially our reverse engineering tools, like rizin and rizin-cutter.
Important updates involved metasploit, exploitdb and other popular tools as well.

New AnonSurf 4.0

The new AnonSurf 4 represents a major upgrade for our popular anonymity tool.

Anonsurf is our in-house anonymity solution that routes all the system traffic through TOR automatically without having to set up proxy settings for each individua program, and preventing traffic leaking in most cases.

The new version provides significant fixes and reliability updates, fully supports debian systems without the old resolvconf setup, has a new user interface with improved system tray icon and settings dialog window, and offers a better overall user experience.

Parrot IoT improvements

Our IoT version now implements significant performance improvements for the various Raspberry Pi boards, and finally includes Wi-Fi support for the Raspberry Pi 400 board.

The Parrot IoT offering has also been expanded, and it now offers Home and Security editions as well, with a full MATE desktop environment exactly like the desktop counterpart.

Download Parrot OS 5.1

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