What is An SEO Proxy?

SEO Proxy
SEO Proxy

Today, almost every business has gone online, and without the right intelligence strategies, you lose the chances to succeed. Web scraping is the future of business. Over the years, the scraping craft has gained popularity in different industries.

Statistically, many companies harvest data to gain a competitive edge. Many of them are using SEO proxy to carry out some SEO intelligence and rank even higher.

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Other intelligence strategies used in the business world include:

  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Travel Fare Aggregation
  • Ad Verification, etc.

Staying on top of a search engine’s main page is not usually an easy task. Through SEO monitoring, many businesses have been able to stay on top of their game. There are many tricks of staying on top of your preferred search engine; one of them is using SEO proxies.

To be able to understand the operating behind SEO proxy, it is essential to know the basics about proxies.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy is simply a third-party that exists between your device and the web. It acts as an intermediary and processes all your requests on your behalf.

What do we mean by that? Say you are using a proxy server to access the internet. Traffic will flow from your device, then into the proxy server. The proxy server will take upon itself to process your request. Therefore, it will change your IP address, then browse the internet on behalf of your device.

In the same way, the proxy will receive the response from the destination page and pass it over to you. The process takes place in such a way that the proxy server conceals your original IP address, and you get to browse undetected.

Different Types of Proxies

There are different types of proxies available today.

The most used proxies are:

  • Data center proxies
  • Residential proxies

Residential proxies originate from residential IP addresses. A residential IP address is an IP that has been assigned to a homeowner by a real Internet Service Provider (ISP). For instance, if you have a connection at your home, then you have a residential IP address. If you were to sell this IP to a different user, then your residential IP address would become a residential proxy.

Residential proxies are affiliated to a specific real location, real internet connection, and an actual ISP. Thus, every connection routed through a residential proxy, mimics organic behavior. Due to this, residential proxies offer high-levels of anonymity.

Data Center Proxies

These are the most common proxies in use. Unlike residential proxies, data center proxies have nothing to do with an ISP or a particular internet connection. They are provided by third parties, and they assure high anonymity and IP authentication.

Dedicated, Semi-Dedicated and Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are servers used by different types of users simultaneously. When it comes to semi-dedicated proxies, there’s a limit on the number of users. Usually only up to 3 users can use one semi-dedicated proxy. Private or dedicated proxies, on the other hand, are single-user proxies — one proxy for one end-user.

SEO Proxies for SEO Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directly influences sales. You might have the best product in the market, but without the right SEO strategies, no one will ever know about what you are selling.

Ranking highly on any search engine will determine if your potential client will ever land on your website, in the first place. A lot of internet users won’t even proceed to the second page of a search engine.

Ranking highly and becoming competitive has become a challenge for many brands. You can ensure that you stay on top of your preferred search engine by using SEO proxies.

First and foremost, you must look for a scraper that will obtain all the necessary information that you need to be able to move higher on any search engine. Proxies will come in to ensure that you harvest all the required information anonymously.

Some of the information you can obtain while scraping include:

  • Customers’ search queries
  • Best ranking keywords
  • Competition analysis, etc.

Web scraping has become a widespread practice these days, and many businesses succeed by using it. Therefore, incorporating SEO proxy into your marketing strategy will assure you of high rankings and profitable outcomes.

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