The Reliable Solutions To Resolve iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issue

  • Do you fear that you ruined your iPhone?

Well, it is time to calm down because there is a solution to the problem. Before moving to the solution, it is essential to figure out why such an incidence took place in the first place.

The iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo when there is an issue with the operating system, and this is why your iPhone does not boot. The issue with the operating system may occur when you upgrade to a new version of the iOS.

The operating system may also cause a problem if you run a beta version of the iOS that seems expired.

Now, let us the start with the simplest solution first.

Restart the iPhone

Try restarting your iPhone. If this does not work, then you can go for a hard reset.

Go for hard reset

You can hard reset iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 by the following process.

You need to click on the Volume Up button and then release it. The Volume Up button is on the left side of the iPhone. The next step is that you should click the Volume down button, and then release it.

Now, you should keep holding the Sleep/Wake button that is on the right side of the iPhone till your iPhone restarts. To hard reset the iPhone 7 series, you need to hold the Sleep/Wake, and Volume down button together.

If you have an older version of iPhone, then you need to hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button. You will find these buttons on the bottom center of the iPhone. You need to keep holding these two buttons till the screen goes black. When the Apple logo appears, then this means that your iPhone is about to reset.

Try putting your iPhone in recovery mode

If you feel that restarting or hard reset does not resolve the problem, then it is time to put your iPhone into recovery mode. When your iPhone is in recovery mode, then you can connect to iTunes. Once you have an active connection with iTunes, then it becomes simple to go for fresh installation for the operating system.

The most important aspect is that you should do adequate research whenever your iPhone encounters a problem. For example, we went through several solutions to resolve iPhone stuck on apple logo issue.

There are times when you may encounter some other issues like error 4013. You should never get panic-stricken. After you search for relevant solutions, try each method. With time and experience, you will figure out which solution will fix the issues with your iPhone.

If you still feel stuck, you can even search video tutorials online, and you may find a solution to your problem. Going for professional help should be your last resort. You should only try out this option if you feel that the issue is beyond your technical skill, and you may mess it further if you fidget with it.

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