The Most Useful Websites That Can Teach You How to Code

Learn How to Code
Learn How to Code

Coding can be an incredibly useful skill as the world of web development and coding continues to expand and rely on new recruits to ensure that it does so. As such, many people are looking to learn how to begin to code but are not quite sure where they should start.

Though everyone seems to be enjoying their summer, many are looking ahead towards the winter and wondering what activities they should take up to get through the miserable weather. Popular hobbies include the likes of playing music, sports, art, and cooking; however, if you have always thought about learning to code, this could be the perfect time to start.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the best websites for beginners to use when learning how to code.


This site utilizes 1000’s of videos that have been created by experts on multiple topics of web design, all of which students will be able to learn from. Not only that but the site is constantly being refreshed so that students will be able to keep updated in the ever-developing world of coding.

Learning also doesn’t have to be boring on Treehouse as it uses quizzes and games that people can absorb information from. In addition, it is an incredibly interactive site, so you wouldn’t just be learning from the videos they post, but you would also be engaging in work that will help you pick up the complexities of coding.

Khan Academy

With a plethora of practice exercises, a personalized learning dashboard, and informative videos, learning coding from Khan Academy couldn’t be easier. Students have the ability to study and learn at their own pace and only pick up the essentials of coding before moving on to something more complex. There are multiple resources available that students can use to expand their coding education, providing everyone who uses the site with a world-class, free education, available to students everywhere.


The aim of this website is to offer people a fun and creative way to learn to code. With a martial-arts theme and a program that uses engaging challenges, learning from Codewars doesn’t even feel like learning half of the time. Students also have the freedom to learn multiple types of coding, including C++, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Ruby, SQL, PHP, Swift, TypeScript, Crystal, and more. You are also able to choose the level that you want to learn at.


This would be a website to use alongside another learning website. Github is incredibly useful because it comes with over 500 free books that revolve around programming and cover over 80 different programming languages. Contributors are incredibly hard-working on this site and make sure that all of the reference points used are updated regularly and accurately, so the information you’re learning is always top grade.

The above are some excellent sites to get you started on the path to becoming a top coder; however, there are plenty of other resources available. Have a look into what is out there before starting so that you do not feel overwhelmed with all of the information that comes with coding.

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