How To Choose Right Password Manager

Password Manager
Password Manager

How To Choose Right Password Manager For You.

Most online accounts require an email address and password to log in.

Most will request that you develop usernames for use. And above all, you will require a strong password to protect your account. In most cases, it is hard to keep track of all the usernames alongside their passwords. That is why you need password managers to do the hard work for you.

Password managers develop strong passwords and store them for you. The only passwords you have to recall is the master login password to your manager account. That way, you rest assured that all your passwords are safe, and your account is protected. With this awesome tool, which you can use for free, you will log on to your accounts with ease.

But before settling on any of the available password managers in the market, here are the factors to consider.

Browser integration

Most password managers are designed to auto-fill user names and passwords to the websites you use. You do not want to own a password manager that requires to copy and paste passwords since it does not integrate with your browser. So, go for the manager that integrates perfectly with your browser. You will get s super experience while using it.

Security Features

A great password manager is built around improved cryptographic algorithms. See, having a 2-factor authentication improves the security of the manager. It can as well make use of biometrics to ensure it is secure.

Also, the manager you intend to select must have a strong password generator. This makes it the best choice to create complex passwords that can be used to secure your online accounts.


In any business deal, the reputation of the vendor is very important. No one should consider any password manager that is always on the news for security flaws. If it has had serious security leaks, then you should not choose it. Most highly reputable managers are great since it shows that many people trust it, it has zero security flaws and no hacker has succeeded in penetrating its defence line.


Customer support is very important because it is needed for the continued use of the manager. It is, therefore, good to know if you will get support when needed. Consider those vendors with round the clock support via phone or even chat. See, there is no need to have a password manager that risk your credentials since they lack customer support.

If you are locked out, it becomes easy to reach out for help. Read customer reviews on the websites to see what they are saying about the password manager. If you get positive reviews on customer support, then go for it. If you find out that they get back in weeks, then go for the next candidate.


Consider all the aspects shared in this article. Browsers integration is very important, and you should make sure the password manager you choose interfaces perfectly. Also, consider the various security features, reputation, and customer support. This will help you get the best experience while using the password manager.

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