Google Announces Titan Security Key To Prevent Online Threats

Titan Security Key
Titan Security Key
  • Google Owns Security Key Product named “Titan”.

  • It will prevent from online Threats.

  • Google is working on Titan Security Key since 2017.

  • Firstly, Google released it to its Cloud Customer.

The Hackers are finding new ways to get your private data. Now Google announced the Titan Security Key, it is a physical device that can be used to prevent from Cyber criminals and keep your accounts more protected.

Many of the biggest firms had been hacked including Yahoo, Adobe, Equifax, eBay and more. But according to Google it cannot be happened with them, their 85,000 employees have not been hacked since 2017. Online security must be the first recommendation in any companies to protect their clients or employees.

None of the company wants that their employees or customers would be hacked by the cyber criminals. As per security reason Google is recommending their customers to using Physical security keys for strong protection against online threats.

What are Security Keys?

Enhanced protection against phishing

2-step verification with a security key uses cryptography to provide two-way verification: it makes sure you’re logging into the service you originally registered the security key with, and the service verifies that it’s the correct security key as well. This provides superior protection to text-message verification.

Smooth operation
Security keys make 2-step verification easy. Simply tap the button on your key instead of retyping codes.

No phone required
Unlike other 2-step verification methods that use one-time codes via text message, security keys don’t require a phone number on your account.

Titan Security Key- Google own Key

Titan Security Keys work with many devices and apps, support FIDO (Fast ID Online) protocol, and are built with a secure element and a firmware written by Google that verifies the integrity of security keys at the hardware level. Now available through your Google representative and soon in Google Store.

According to CNET, Google Product Manager for identity and security, Christian Brand, said, Titan Security Key comes in both Bluetooth and USB version and it will be available on sale in next few months in Google store.

We are very sure of the quality of the security,” Brand said, We are very sure of how we store secrets and how hard it would be for an attacker to come in and blow the security up.

We are not very quite happy where these devices are out of reach for customers who can’t afford it, Brand said.” We are thinking that hopefully at some point in time, these keys can be in the sub $10 range.”

Security Key products are not new in the industry. YubiCo Yubikey is already available in market. It also offers strong two factor authentication and working on FIDO, FIDO2, U2G authentication method.


Google own Titan Security Keys available on the Google Store.

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