Google Forgot To Renew domain

Google Blogspot
Google Blogspot

Google Forgot To Renew domain. Yes it’s True.

Currently, Google has dropped ownership of its Domain. Google bought Blogspot in 2003.

If you are a blogger from INDIA, then you need to check your blog now. Millions of blog pages are inaccessible at the moment, because Google lost its control of blogspot domain.

Google Domain expired in early June 2020, and now it purchased by another company and selling for $6000.

It is Scary, right!

I am Blogger, Should I WORRIED?

No, you don’t need to worry. You change your to in the URL. Your blog is still Live.

For Example:

If your blog is, then change it to in URL.

According to WHOIS query

You can check, whois new domain registry entry

  • Created on 2020-06-24
  • Expires on 2021-06-24
  • Updated on 2020-06-29
Google Blogspot Whois
Google Blogspot Whois

According to Google search, there are 49 Million users.

Google Blogspot users


It seems the Blogspot doesn’t want a focused product for Google. But as for now, users, all the website becomes broken links.

But we believe that Google will handle it, and will take back its domain.

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