Hackers Stole Rupees 94 Crore From Indian Cosmos Bank

Cyber Thief
Cyber Thief
  • Money was transferred outside the country

  • Bank servers hacked through Malware Attack

  • Cyber Police Filed the Case.

The hackers attack Cosmos Bank server in Pune, INDIA and allegedly transferred the money to outside the country bank accounts. According to the report, the server was hacked on 11 August and transact the money have been carried out in Hong Kong and INDIA. The Bank officials have filed the complaint FIR (First Investigation Report) to cyber police and the investigation is ongoing.

According to IndianExpress,

In the FIR, the bank officials have stated that they suspect a malware attack on the ATM switch located at the bank headquarters on Ganeshkhind Road in the city. They further said that 80.5 Crore Rs were initially transferred to a foreign bank in 14,849 transactions on the debit card, and another 13.9 Crore transferred in a SWIFT transaction.

In February 2018, the other Indian Bank named Punjab National Bank, Credit and Debit Card Data had been breached.

In 2017, the Malware attack on many Indian Biggest Bank ATM’s including SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI and YES Bank, where the SBI had been blocked 600,000 cards.

Why does this attack happen?

It might be possible that the bank server was outdated. Many of the ATM’s still running on outdated Windows XP operating system. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. It is very important that Bank servers should be migrated to a update operating system such as Microsoft Operating System Windows 10 and Linux.

In India, many of the users are the victim of a fake bank call, they ask customers ATM card number, PIN and OTP password, which Bank never asks.

How can we Protect?

  • Apply for SMS alert.
  • Avoid to use a same PIN password.
  • Change your ATM PIN regularly.
  • Don’t give any personal information on the phone.
  • The Bank never asks your personal info on call.
  • Do not click on an unknown link and the attachment in E-mail.

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