Google Finds Privacy Flaws In Safari Browser Anti-Tracking Feature

Apple Safari
Apple Safari

The Google security researchers discovered security flaws in the Apple Safari browser Anti Tracking feature ‘Intelligent Tracking Prevention’ (ITP).

The Intelligent Tracking Prevention has designed to prevent the users from tracking, but the feature is vulnerable.

According to Financial Times, “You would not expect privacy-enhancing technologies to introduce privacy risks,” said Lukasz Olejnik, an independent security researcher who has seen the paper. “If exploited or used, [these vulnerabilities] would allow unsanctioned and uncontrollable user tracking.

“While today such privacy vulnerabilities are very rare, issues in mechanisms designed to improve privacy are unexpected and highly counter-intuitive.”

Unlike other approaches, ITP runs its algorithm on-device, which makes it able to detect user behavior and learn about them automatically,” said researchers. But this user specific aspect is also partly why the risk of information leak was possible.”

In the statement of Google, “We have long worked with companies across the industry to exchange information about potential vulnerabilities and protect our respective users.”

“Our core security research team has worked closely and collaboratively with Apple on this issue. The technical paper simply explains what our researchers discovered, so others can benefit from their finding.”

Google will be published the paper soon, the vulnerabilities found in Apple Safari browser anti-tracking feature, which is also known as Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

Apple launched the Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in 2017, to protect its safari users from being tracked by advertisers and third-party cookies.

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