Apple Fixes Passcode Bypass Vulnerability and Released New iOS version 12.0.1

Bug Fixes in iOS Devices
Bug Fixes in iOS Devices
  • First Bug in VoiceOver iOS Accessibility

  • Second Bug affects Quicklook to preview docs

Apple released new version of iOS version 12.0.1 for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The security researcher Jose Rodriquez discovered the ‘Passcode Bypass Bug’ in Apple iOS devices.

The first bug affected in VoiceOver iOS accessibility feature A lock screen issue allowed access to photos and contacts on a locked device. This issue was addressed by restricting options offered on a locked device.

CVE-2018-4380 The issue affects in iPhone 5s, iPads and their later version also in iPod touch 6th generation users running iOS version 12.0 release and would allow attackers may be able to view photos and contacts from the lock screen.

The second bug in Quick Look iOS device is to affects the iOS quick look which makes it possible to preview docs on your iOS device.

The CVE-2018-4379, the security bug would affect iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

The Impact of this vulnerability to a local attacker may be able to share items from the lock screen.

A lock screen issue allowed access to the share function on a locked device. This issue was addressed by restricting options offered on a locked device.

Apple has patched the issues with its new iOS version 12.0.1

Update your iOS version now for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as follows:

- Navigate to Settings
- Select General
- Select About. The version after applying this update
will be "iOS 12.0.1".

Passcode Bypass iOS 12

First POC Video

Second POC Video

New Apple Watch Bug

According to 9to5 Mac report, the new Apple watch is crashing and rebooting due to Day light Saving (DST) bug. The bug affected a single watch face but caused the watch to loop reboot itself. The Apple watches have since fixed themselves.

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