Anonymity With VPN Tor And ProxyChain Combination

Privacy Anonymity
Privacy Anonymity

Anonymity is an interesting protective thing, whether inside or outside the computer network.

In this article I am going to use a VPN, Tor and ProxyChains together for more secure anonymity.

Let discuss the basics of VPN, Proxychains and Tor.

What is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a type of software that allows you to connect to the internet via an encrypted tunnel, which is routed through a server. It hides your IP address and masks your online identity so that all of your online actions are hidden.

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What are Proxychains?

This is an open source software for GNU/Linux systems.

proxychains – a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to follow through proxy like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy.

Supported auth-types: “user/pass” for SOCKS4/5, “basic” for HTTP.

proxyresolv – DNS resolving. Used to resolve host names via proxy or TOR.

What is Tor?

Tor is a software that enables you to hide your identity on the internet. It is an open network that helps defend against traffic analysis and grants you a high level of privacy.

System requirement

  • ProtonVPN software for window
  • Proxychains   
  • Tor
  • Kali Linux 

Let’s start…

I am using ProtonVPN so first we need to open a website for temporary mail address.

VPN with Proxychains

After creating temporary mail ID Login, download free ProtonVPN setup for Windows System from this link

After install ProtonVPN login

Click connect with desire location

VPN with Proxychains

For check ip address Google > whatismyip

VPN with Proxychains

VPN with Proxychains

Now the next step, go to virtual machine in toolbar select VM >settings…

VPN with Proxychains

Click network adapter > select NAT: used to share the host’s IP Address > ok

VPN with Proxychains

In Virtual Machine

Open browser in Kali Linux and go to website

VPN with Proxychains

Now we need to install and configure proxychains with tor

Proxychains is installed in kali linux by default but if there is a case not install

Following Command to install Proxychains and Tor

  • apt-get install tor proxychains  

VPN with Proxychains

After installing the packages, we will configure Proxychains for a dynamic chain and add a line to the Socks5 protocol at the end of the file.

Locate the proxychains configuration file by opening a terminal and executing the locate proxychains command.

It should be located in /etc/proxychains.conf. For configuring Proxychains

VPN with Proxychains

Modify the configuration file with a file editor such as leafpad or nano.

Type the following command into terminal:

  • leafpad /etc/proxychains.conf

VPN with Proxychains

we will use the dynamic chain setting. Uncomment the dynamic chain line

  • Delete the # sign before dynamic_chain.
  • Put a # signal before the strict_chain function.

For prevent dns leaks uncomment the line where it starts with Proxy DNS requests  no leak for DNS data.

Put the following Socks5 protocol statement on the last line: socks5 9050

VPN with Proxychains

Save the file > all done.

To start Tor service open terminal and type:

#service tor start

if Tor service is already start then type:

#service tor restart 

VPN with Proxychains

For check status of tor open terminal and type

  • service tor status

VPN with Proxychains

Verify the Configuration

We can verify that the proxies are working by executing the proxychains curl command.


proxychains firefox

VPN with Proxychains


VPN with Proxychains

Result of

VPN with Proxychains

On clicking standard test  

VPN with Proxychains

For any command you want to remain anonymous, use the following syntax: 

proxychains [program] [argument]

Watch Anonymity Video Tutorial [Working].

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