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CISCO Routers
CISCO Routers

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching (R&S) Certification-

One thing that no one can run away from, is the fact that the world is slowly becoming a global village. It is only in our millennial age where the level of technology has escalated to heights that most people could not expect.

The fact that the new technologies emerge and develop rapidly make people think how to become relevant and possess skills that meet the requirements of the IT world. To be competitive in the world of tech, specialists need to prove their skills and knowledge. For that reason, they pass exams and get the certifications from the globally recognized IT vendors. One of such is Cisco.

Daily, IT firms are being established so as to offer better services on the internet. One way you can remain on top as IT personnel and build your career in networking is to become Cisco certified. This organization offers various credentials but the CCNA R&S is the most sought-after.  Our website here

What are CCNA R&S Certification and Exams to Pass?

The CCNA R&S certification demonstrates that you are competent in building, maintaining, and troubleshooting the routers and switchers of both small, medium, and large-sized networks. This credential is specifically designed for candidates who set the goal to build a successful career as:

  • Network engineers
  • Support engineers
  • Network technicians
  • Network security associates
  • Network system administrators
  • Systems engineers
  • Information Technology experts; IT managers and directors

How to Become CCNA R&S Certified

In order to become CCNA R&S certified, you need to choose one of the two options available on Cisco website. So, the first option includes 2 exams: 100-105 and 200-105. The first exam checks your knowledge and skills which refer to network, LAN switching and routing fundamentals, infrastructure services, as well as infrastructure maintenance. The second exam tests your ability to complete the tasks that deal with LAN Switching, routing and WAN technologies. The topics such as Infrastructure Services and Infrastructure Maintenance are tested as well.

The second option is to sit for one composite exam 200-125. It includes the topics of the two exams mentioned above.

Exam Details

Most Cisco exams will take you 2 hours to complete, however, if you choose to pass 200-125 test, you will be given 90 minutes within which you need to complete 60-70 questions. In case, you have failed the exam, you can always retake it. Though ICND1 and ICND2 cost $165 each, for taking 200-125 exam you need to pay $325.

To register for the exam, visit the Pearson Vue website. Note, that after every 3 years, you will need to renew your certification.

Top Web Platforms to Prepare for CCNA R&S exam/s

Preparation plays a key role in passing any certification exam. Make sure that along with the official vendor’s website you use a reliable web resource in your preparation process. One of such is PrepAway online platform. PrepAway provides the most valid study materials for your exam preparation.

Thus, on this website, you can find a great collection of exam dumps, video courses, premium bundles, and a number of articles about certifications, exam, tips to pass. In addition, at PrepAway you can find the information on how to open the dumps available. Since they are provided in .ete file format, you’ll need to download the ETE Exam Simulator. It’s a great tool that mirrors the real exam environment, thus making your preparation process efficient.

The fact that the exam files are uploaded by the real exam takers makes PrepAway be a popular exam dumps provider, as its files are the most updated and valid. If set the goal to pass the Cisco 200-125 exam, visit this valuable web resource.

Reasons to be Cisco CCNA R&S Certified

Every modern IT organization wants sharp employees who have a glimpse of the current trends in the networkingindustry. You can become such a staff by having the CCNA R&S certification. Here are some of the benefits of being theCCNA R&S certified:

1. Recognition
This is the root and route of advancing in your IT career. Once you have obtained the CCNA R&S certification title, you add some weight to your resume. Whenever you are applying for a job in a company you’d like to work in, you will stand out from other candidates at once. This credential makes it easier for you to get a job.

2. Boost in Career
Having a certification is equal to getting a promotion. Since your skills have been verified by the leading IT vendor, such as Cisco, you are a real professional in the field you are working in. It also means that your skills are up-to-date and you can complete the tasks in a short span of time. The CCNA R&S credential testifies this. Thus, you can climb the career ladder faster if you the CCNA R&S certified.

3. Increase in Salary
There is no way you will occupy a higher position in an organization and remain in the same job group. Having the CCNA R&S certification as one of your achievements will count during employee appraisal. According to PayScale website, the annual salary of a CCNA R&S professional is $75,000 on average. This will be a handsome pay for your start.

4. You become globally accepted
When you become the CCNA R&S certified professional, you can work with any organization across the globe. Most organizations prefer to hire personnel with deep knowledge in switching and routing so as to complete the daily tasks successfully. The knowledge and skills you get after taking the CCNA R&S 200-125 exam make you competitive on the marketplace and allow to find a job in any part of the globe.

5. Bright Career Prospects
If you choose to work with Cisco products, services and technologies, you follow the path of making a bright career within the Cisco Career Certification Program. It means that choosing the field you would like to work in, you’ll always have a place where to grow. For instance, if you choose to build a career in networking, after being CCNA R&S certified, you can upgrade your skills by getting the CCNP R&S credential. After that, you can become a real expert by gaining the CCIE R&S certification.


Having an updated knowledge in IT can boost your career to heights and acquiringthe CCNA R&S certification is the way. Make a successful career in networking by passing one or two certification tests. For that, check the best prep materials at Cisco official website and PrepAway online platform. With the top-notch skills, you can pass your exams on the first try. Don’t wait any longer, enroll today.

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