6 Email Marketing Hacks – That Will Help You Stand Out from Your Competition

Email Marketing Hacks
Email Marketing Hacks

There are many tactics used by online businesses to reach customers.

Today, you can find avenues like print advertising, TV advertising, online promotions and email marketing to be among the most preferred methods of reaching customers. When it comes to the digital marketing realm, avenues like social media and email are the most preferred.

For those engaged in email marketing, there is often a challenge of too much competition. Even though this form of marketing remains to be the most valuable, it is quite challenging to utilize because of the many businesses that use it. So how can you be different from everyone else in the market?

Let us discuss some of the hacks you can use to be the leader in the crowded email marketing world.

1. Use data to craft powerful messages

In the tech industry, automation and the use of AI machines is getting more common. Businesses are quickly adopting new ways of attending to their customers’ needs with more efficient systems. One of the key things that have allowed businesses to get it right when it comes to customer engagement is the availability of data.

For marketers, the data available can be used to inform the way messages are created. It is important to take a cue from successful businesses that have tailored the different aspects of their services according to the clues they have gotten from customer data.

The powerful tool for marketers is data and knowing how to gather it and use it can give you an edge over other email marketers. The aim of the modern marketer should be to know what devices their customers are using, the kind of services they prefer and other important things that matter. MailChimp Reports show that segmented email campaigns are opened 14.64% more times than ordinary email campaigns.

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2. Using well-designed emails

As stated previously, data shows that the biggest percentage of digital marketers use email to achieve their goals. The heavy reliance on email has made most customers reconsider some marketers who are not considerate in their quest to sell. Today, it is not possible to simply send unappealing emails to potential customers. Every email must be designed to the highest standards such that customers are convinced of the reputation of the brand. When it comes to designing emails, marketers should make use of the established design cues.

Making email designs that are inspired by the brand itself is the best way to go. In this regard, emails should be created according to the standard design scheme that a brand uses. The colors and fonts used on the brand itself should thus be heavily used in emails. Not only does this help the customers identify the brand associated with the email, but it also makes a strong impact when it comes to raising customer awareness.

3. Use template builders for great graphics

Email Template Postcard
Email Template Postcard

Another crucial but overlooked aspect of differentiating your brand from the rest in the market is the use of templates. Most marketers overlook templates because they think that the tools are not necessary for email marketing.

This is not the case though. An email template builder is one of the most powerful tools that you will use when going about your marketing activities.

Email template builders like Postcards not only allow you to create excellent graphics for your emails, but they make the process of crafting professional emails simple. You can explore a wide range of tools that come with the platform to create emails that no other marketer is using.

Ultimately, customers tend to pick the brands that appear to be the most professional all-around. There is thus no better way to move away from mediocre designs than by using template builders.

4. Consider the power of your pre-header text

The pre-header text is cited by many pundits in the marketing world as a crucial aspect of email communication. This text is the first thing that a customer sees when an email hits the inbox. The text comes immediately after the subject line. This text can be used effectively to ensure that no email is skipped by the subscribers.

Considering the sufficient space left by most email providers for users, this area would be the perfect place to make the first pitch. You can craft a message that instantly gets the attention of your audience and then proceed to leave suspense that prompts them to open the email to see more. Using a call-to-action and other information that is necessary can highly improve the attractiveness of your emails.

5. Make data collection a vital part of your strategy

It is also important to fully harness the power of email when it comes to collecting data. For many years, emails have been the preferred method for top-tier marketers who want to collect emails. The tool can be used as a formidable means of doing surveys and research on the target audience.

Through emails, marketers can reach millions of customers and ask them questions that matter to both them and the brand. When it comes to making emails a primary means of collecting data, a marketer needs to understand how to properly structure the emails such that customers do not skip the survey.

Embedded surveys have been touted by pundits as the most functional when it comes to collecting data. Surveys are especially important when a customer has already made a purchase. Statistics show that the probability of selling to existing clients is 70%. Follow-ups contribute a lot to customer retention and surveys should be prioritized by marketers.


To sum things up, the world of digital marketing is always evolving. There are many avenues coming up which marketers can use to achieve their goals. There are not many methods that are as powerful as email marketing though.

Every kind of marketer continues to use email marketing because of the power and functionality that come with it. It is not easy to succeed in a market where everyone uses the same tools though. This is why the smart marketer must use various hacks in order to stay ahead of the curve. The above hacks are great and they are recommended for marketers of all statures who want to beat the competition.


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