Can Cocospy Help To Diffuse Risks From Facebook?

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Facebook has millions of global users worldwide, making it a powerful social network for both good and bad users. You can track and monitor if a smartphone is being used safely and that the interaction meets your approval. If you want to know how to best do it, click here to hack Facebook account.

Cocospy is a reliable tool for keeping tabs on your children or even staff. It operates with the utmost of discretion, which is a good thing since teenagers, and tech-savvy employees might not hesitate to deactivate it from their phone.
Your account will post the smartphone usage on your dashboard with the Cocospy Phone Tracker, and you’re good to go.

Why Do we Like Facebook?

Facebook is a social app that is meant for forging friendships, sharing ideas and having a platform to hold discussions, opinions, and debates. Once you have put up your information, the whole Facebook world can comment and add to it. This means that both the good and the ugly users will have the same access to either support or abuse a Facebook posting.

Let’s look at a few of the distasteful aspects experienced by Facebook users.


How Facebook Can Be Risky

Using Facebook is both parts fun and potentially dangerous. The challenges come in how the internet criminals and trolls turn and use the information you have shared to harm and disgrace you.

When You Overshare Information

You may find that you’ve been inadvertently oversharing information especially if you didn’t limit who has access to what information. Sometimes it is better not to include personal details entirely, for instance, where you live and your occupation. A frequent traveler will be an invitation for burglars and other similar mischief makers to ‘pay you a visit’ and steal from you.

Cocospy can check your inbox for historical content and help you identify any pointed queries about your traveling periods. For instance, it is possible to see the patterns of a contact who always want to know where you are, and if it coincides with when your house is robbed. You will have some proof for authorities to begin an investigation.

Posting Photos And Videos Record Meta Data

Facebook photos record metadata, which is essentially your geographical location. The longitude and latitude data can be removed only by using Web interface, and not ‘third party’ devices, i.e., cellphone. To make sure that your family is neither giving nor receiving inappropriate pictures and videos, you can use Cocospy to monitor the type of media that is being shared and control the access to what you consider is risky.

Cocospy is recognized by industrial heavyweights such as PC World, Forbes, Top 10 Reviews and CNET, among others. You will be in good hands with monitoring your family’s phones.

Facebook Timeline Is A Mine Of Info

It is fun to see what a friend has written on your timeline every time you update it. How often do you state what your likes and dislikes are? Stalkers can use this information to know your tastes and habits and find you that much easier. Secure your settings so that only the important friends and contacts have access.

Cocospy can monitor who has accessed the information, save the stalker’s identity and send it to your online account. You will notice if an ‘uninvited voyeur’ keeps popping up frequently, and take action to be safer.

Social Media Tracking

Social media platforms all operate differently, and many of them feed into your Facebook. Apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Snapchat can upload information and photos, simultaneously on Facebook because they do not need to be rooted and jailbroken for the most part.


Cocospy will monitor the activities coming from any other social media platforms and allow you to keep track of the contacts who post offensive content. You will be in a position to decide whether to delete or block that contact. Should they persist on sharing more unwanted content, you can choose to take further action.

Other Ways Cocospy Can Help You Track A Phone

Tracking Calls
The software monitors phone calls made from a smart device, both outgoing and incoming. There’s no need for rooting or jailbreaking once you have installed the monitoring app to track calls. You’ll be able to keep track of call details such as the number of calls made, call duration, the area codes, etc.

Cocospy allows you to track the historical record of call details and examine the dates and timestamps of all the interaction from the device’s contacts.

Stealth Mode
This spy app allows you to see exactly what activities are currently taking place on the target smart device. It will enable you to handle all your monitoring in stealth mode, and as long as you removed the Cocospy icon after installation, no-one will be the wiser that you are keeping watch.

Stealth mode does not consume the battery nor does it fill up the memory of the smartphone, which is an advantage for your monitoring activities. You can keep abreast of all the current uploads and messages being shared.

Determining How Much Time Is Spent Using The Phone

By using the Website History Tracker, you can see which sites were visited and how long was spent surfing through the various sites. Cocospy allows you to determine the total amount of time spent and the frequency of visiting those sites.

This is an excellent management tool for evaluating if a person’s web surfing is wasting time that would have been spent on other activities, or if it was a useful endeavor. Whether you are managing your children or staff, you will be in a better position to steer them towards learning better time management.


Cocospy is simple to install and effectively saves all the activities from the target smartphone onto your online dashboard, for you to review. You will notice that it can reduce the risks that may come when Facebook is used since you can catch them quite early. This is a secure and useful solution to track all incoming and outgoing content safe from a smartphone.

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