Business Fundamentals For A Cybersec Newcomer


A huge portion of the global workforce has now moved to working remotely, and this has created huge strain on existing cybersecurity systems. TechRepublic have noted that 68% of companies have failed to properly secure new remote working devices, with 45% of employees also not receiving proper training to avoid risks. This has created a perfect gap in the market for new business, but there are steps to take to ensure growth and development.

Employee confidence and happiness

Employee confidence is a huge factor in business success. Kaspersky highlights the case of one bank which lost a huge share of the retail banking market due to the loss of employee data; the lack of trust and faith of their employees had a knock-on effect and damaged the quality of work being done. Employees should, therefore, be rewarded competitively to ensure they feel well looked after and comfortable. Worker’s comp experts Cerity ( highlight the benefits of ensuring that a company has a cogent compensation package for this reason.

Customer experience and engagement

A good business starts by looking after its employees – customers come next. Customer engagement and experience is especially important in cybersecurity, as it is a black and white service – either you protect customer data and systems, or you don’t. According to Forbes, customer engagement is absolutely crucial for businesses of all sizes, and is as much about what you actually do as what you are presenting to your customer base. It’s important that your customers are confident in your expertise and ability to continue providing for them, and that you demonstrate this to them. Innovation is a big part of this.

Staying ahead of the game

Cybersecurity is a rapidly developing sector as businesses look for bespoke solutions to plug their own gaps in service. Competition and demand is good for business, but it demands innovation, too. This is especially pertinent as ways of working are changing and becoming more beneficial to the demands of remote working. Having an active eye on innovation, and networking within the industry, will help you to create bonds that will enable your product to stay ahead of the game.

The cybersecurity industry is rapidly evolving with surging demand. There is a huge gap to be filled by startups and small business, and that could include you. The key to success is never losing sight of the fundamentals behind every business.

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