Bug in Google News App- Data Amount Spends in GB Without Users Knowledge

Google News App Bug
Google News App Bug

Google News App users have been experienced with Excessive Gigabytes Background Data Without their Knowledge.

According to report of Google product-forums users are complaining about its news App that, it has used amount of GB of background data without the user knowledge. Some of the experience since June. The Bug is still valid.

Users are discussion about the bug in the Google news help forum.

One of the user said in message,
Have a problem this morning where I woke up and Google News used 7.65GB of background data overnight. I was connected to wifi but the signal was weak so its possible it was connecting/disconnecting. Even still…have no idea how google news would have a way to use that much in such a short time unless there was a problem.

I haven’t had a problem like this before with large amounts of background data being used (let alone putting me near my monthly cap). It’s possible that there’s an android issue not a Google News issue, but either way it’s Google so I’m hoping someone can help. I like the Google News app otherwise so I’d prefer not to have to be paranoid and turn off background data etc…if you have any insight as to what may have happened or how to investigate further, would greatly appreciate it.

In the reply Lisa Wing, Google news community Manager said,

Thanks so much for reporting this issue to us–we understand the importance of getting it resolved as soon as possible. The relevant teams are currently investigating and working towards a fix, and we'll be posting updates directly to this thread. We may also reach out if there is additional troubleshooting info that would be helpful in our investigation.
Many thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Another user said,

Just experienced the same issue with Google News gobbling up 1.32GB in background - have unchecked the Enable Background data usage option in app settings

Google News App data

Many of the users app have burned through mobile data with “Download via Wi-Fi” turned ON settings.

The Android 8.0 and 9.0 users have been affected, also with Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 also been impact.

Google is currently working on Bug to fix, but when it is going to be fix can’t say.

We will update you once it would be fixed.

How To Solve the issue?

  • Go To your phone Settings -> App Settings
  • Tap on Google News App
  • Disable background data
  • Delete the App
  • You can use Google news by surfing directly news.google.com on your mobile browser

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