Better Than A VPN? Introducing A New Way To Become Anonymous


Better Than A VPN? Introducing SADD.IO – Be Anonymous

Questioning VPNs…

Are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as anonymous, private, and secure as they are broadcasted to be?

From an anonymity and privacy standpoint, how could an outside entity such as the government identify a specific VPN user? If the government sent out a subpoena to the VPN providers to obtain the crypto-keys to decrypt internet traffic or request logs to view user activity, would the VPN providers dispense that information? Does the VPN store personally identifying information (PII) of its users?

From a security standpoint, will the VPN help prevent malicious actors from infecting user machines? These are some important questions that users should ask before determining that a VPN would keep them “safe” on the Internet.

So is there a better solution than a VPN lying around somewhere?

Yes, the new Internet Anonymity and Privacy startup SADD.IO gets the job done.

What is SADD.IO?

SADD: Scalable Anonymous Disposable Desktops or simply put SADD.IO, is a free web-based product that allows users to anonymously control self-disposing, Tor routed desktops through their web browser.

Users do not have to enter any personal information about themselves to use this service. Nor do users have to download any external programs. SADD.IO is accessible from your phone, laptop, iPad, you name it.

How does it work?
If you are a visual learner, you may enjoy this Video:

When a user navigates to the SADD.IO website and clicks the “Try for Free” or “Use Premium” button, a Virtual Machine (VM) or desktop is generated and routed through Tor. The user is then able to control this desktop as if it were their own computer. At the end of the user session the Virtual Machine is forensically destroyed.

How does this help with Anonymity, Privacy, and Security?

  • Anonymity-

    SADD.IO keeps users anonymous by utilizing the Tor network. There is no way for an outside entity to use IP addresses to identify the user. The outside entity would have to break Tor in order to obtain the IP address of the SADD.IO server, VERY difficult to do.

  • Privacy-

    All generated desktops have a time-limit. When the time-limit expires, the generated desktop is destroyed byte-by-byte. Not to mention that there are safety triggers in place that cause the SADD.IO servers to destroy all generated desktops. So if the servers are ever raided, users do not have to worry about an entity observing what was done on the desktops.

  • Security-

    This is simple, as the generated desktops are basically computers away from the users’ host machine. If the generated desktops are ever infected or corrupted, users can easily generate another desktop to start on a clean slate.

  • Vulnerabilities on Tor browser while using the generated desktops will not return the User’s IP address. Instead a Tor IP address will be returned as the entire desktop is routed through Tor.
  • There are no DNS leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service sounds dangerous, wouldn’t people use this for nefarious things?

It is assumed that with every good creation, comes bad actors.

Does SADD.IO log what users do?

No. There is no point in logging anything considering that users are not required to provide information about themselves and everything is destroyed at the end of the timed session.

If users want to store certain data, it is advised to encrypt the data and store it in the cloud for later retrieval.

I saw that there is a premium feature… how does that work?

  • Premium feature allows users to enable HTTPS connections when controlling their desktops, select what region they want their desktop generated in, and select longer time-limits.
  • When a user purchases premium they are given an order ID. This order ID is a validator and has no correlation between the user and their generated desktop.
  • Be careful with who you share your order ID with, as no concurrent premium sessions are allowed.

Any coupons?

Sure, here is the code for 25% off your next premium purchase: ireadfor25

I do not want to share a premium server with anyone else!

Consider contacting live support to obtain a private server. This will also ensure no one else will know the domain name of your server. Making it more difficult for an outside entity to identify the server.

What happens if SADD.IO is subpoenaed?

Since the webhost and its servers do not store any information on users, nothing will be handed to the authorities by SADD.IO.

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