Best Cybersecurity YouTube Channels in 2020

Cybersecurity Youtube Channel
Cybersecurity Youtube Channel

A look at YouTube statistics would show that in 2020, more than 2 billion users watched YouTube videos every month.

On an average day, more than 5 billion YouTube videos were consumed. These figures res-establish the importance of YouTube. If you are a brand looking to leverage the power of YouTube in your video marketing initiatives, you need to be aware of the scope of the medium. To do justice to that, you need to have a look at some relevant statistical figures.

Whether on vacation or taking a short break from work, watching YouTube videos is the only way to remain sane throughout a hectic day. You may also unwind and acquire new skills by viewing the finest cybersecurity YouTube channels.

Youtube channels are one of the greatest methods to stay educated and up to date on the newest security news and advice; therefore we’ve created a list of the top cybersecurity youtube channels we’ve seen so far.

Although with the advent of tools like InVideo, it has become immensely easy for almost anyone to start their own cybersecurity YouTube channel (provided they have the technical know-how), there are a few channels, that stand well above the rest.

We searched YouTube for the top ten cybersecurity YouTube channels, covering everything from the newest cybersecurity news to the finest privacy advice.

We attempted to cover everything to help you get acquainted with the resources that are credible enough to enlighten you about the latest cybersecurity practices.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Channels on YouTube

Cybersecurity, like Data Science, has been inundated with courses and certifications. YouTube has evolved into a platform with excellent cybersecurity material that does not need payment. So, here are our top 10 picks for the best cybersecurity resources on YouTube.

1. LiveOverflow
Because of the diversity and high quality of their videos, LiveOverflow has become one of the highly popular cybersecurity YouTube channels. This channel contains anything from CTF video write-ups to videogame hacking and reverse-engineering lessons.

Right now, LiveOverflow has over 500k subscribers and over 30M views, and why not? The host of content that the channel offers is really high-quality.

If you have a thing for bug bounties, the STK YouTube channel is devoted to it. If you’re interested in earning money by identifying bugs in a deployed code, you should check out this channel. STK has 58k subscribers and over 1 million views.
You will discover bug bounty strategies and methods by watching videos on this channel.

3. 13Cubed

Individuals who work in cybersecurity learn and work in “pen testing”, and there is a small number that like forensics, at least in our experience. 13Cubed has “only” 20 thousand subscribers as of now, however, this isn’t a reflection of the type of content that the channel offers.

We’re talking about the technical depth and explanations in their videos, which are of exceptional quality.

Those videos are something that someone would pay for if they weren’t available for free. If you want to learn about any kind of digital forensics methods, such as Windows forensics or memory forensics, you definitely need to subscribe to this channel.

4. OALabs

Open Analysis Live is a YouTube channel devoted to malware analysis and reversing. Open Analysis Live does not have many videos, but it does depict real-life hacking situations.
Their latest project was a video portraying the process of reverse engineering a COVID tracker application.

5. Computerphile

Computerphile is a YouTube channel that isn’t only about cybersecurity; there are a lot of videos about computer science in general. According to their latest YouTube statistics, the channel has 1.75 million subscribers and over 139 million views.

It is a project of the University of Nottingham’s Computational Optimization and Learning (COL) Lab. Following this channel will teach you not just cybersecurity but also a variety of fascinating and important Computer Science topics.

6. The PC Security Channel

The PC Security Channel is mostly devoted to testing and evaluating antivirus software, but it also has some interesting lessons.

This is the channel to watch if you want to learn how a new EDR or AV solution will handle thousands of malware samples. The channel also maintains a fascinating record of each test and its findings on its dedicated website.

7. Seytonic

It is one of the most intriguing ethical hacking YouTube channels has 180k followers and a verified grey tick badge, proving its legitimacy. They produce films on successfully hacking complicated software, DIY hack projects, Arduino hacks, and Raspberry Pi models.
The schematics, codes, and instructions they offer are extremely interesting, educational, and motivating for novices, gadget geeks, and programmers to explore with these hack projects.

8. Cyber Yodha

One of the most useful Indian ethical hacking YouTube channels that teaches the finest ethical hacking practices and offers low-cost training classes.

They offer over 30 programs for both classroom and online training that may assist students to advance their careers in cybersecurity, data forensics, and hacking.

Their films focus on the most recent technological advancements within the umbrella of the primary subject, hacking. They offer lessons for ethical hacking as well as projects to improve cybersecurity understanding in the domain.

9. The Hacker Stuff

The Hacker Stuff is one of the most entertaining ethical hacking and cybersecurity YouTube channels, with over 17.7k followers.

They provide excellent screen-shared movies on ethical hacking methods as well as ways to improve the cybersecurity of any network or system.

Their videos also include subjects such as android hacking techniques, kali Linux use, security assessment kinds, and how to avoid the majority of harmful hack attempts.

10. HackerSpoilt

HackerSpoilt is one of the most educational and user-friendly ethical hacking YouTube channels, focusing on cybersecurity training.

This is the channel to watch if you want to learn about critical system security training and white hat hacking methods.

They offer videos and courses that correspond to the industry’s top-level defense solutions for protecting corporate networks. For anyone interested in hacking and technology, this 454k verified ethical hacking channel on YouTube is a must-follow.


Cybersecurity, like any other area of computer science, is always developing. As a result, whether you are a novice or an expert, you must continue to learn, and subscribing to such channels is one method to do it.

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