Apple Disabled Walkie-Talkie APP Due to Eavesdrop

Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Bug
Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Bug

Apple has temporarily disabled its Watch Walkie Talkie App due to critical flaw found.

What is the Bug inside the App?

The unspecified flaw could allow someone to listen through another user iPhone without permission, Apple disabled the app said to Techcrunch.

How it was exploited?

Apple didn’t confirm yet. They just get to know by its Vulnerability submission page.

The App is disabled through it servers until the vulnerability is patched.

It is not first time that the eavesdropping vulnerability found in Apple apps. Earlier FacePalm vulnerability was known to listen to audio for conference call.

Also, the FaceTime bug was famous which was allowed people to listen in before a call was accepted.

The users had no idea that the person was trying to connect could already sniffing them.

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According to arstechnica, a woman who reported that her 14 years old had found the Bug. Apple was failed to fixed that Bug more than a week. After the news spreading on social media, Apple able to patched the flaw finally.

Apple also worked quietly a webcam exploit discovered in third part app called Zoom.

Apple said in the statement,

We were just made aware of a vulnerability related to the Walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch and have disabled the function as we quickly fix the issue. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and will restore the functionality as soon as possible. Although we are not aware of any use of the vulnerability against a customer and specific conditions and sequences of events are required to exploit it, we take the security and privacy of our customers extremely seriously. We concluded that disabling the app was the right course of action as this bug could allow someone to listen through another customer’s iPhone without consent. We apologize again for this issue and the inconvenience.

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