Why Is Online Learning Better?

Online Learning
Online Learning

The active development of digital technologies today leads to the transformation of business models. As a result, new services and products regularly appear on the market. The format of works is also changing (outsourcing, online platforms, improved automation, robotics, etc.). Working in real-time with the application of digital data dramatically transforms the ways of production, management, sale, and use of products.

Citizens are the key resource of the digital society. They should be able to effectively use digital technologies both for their own needs (study, recreation, work, self-realization, etc.) and to achieve common economic and social goals. Therefore, the development of digital skills and competencies of professionals becomes especially important, which is practically impossible without the transformation of modern education.

The basic directions of education modernization largely depend on the needs of the labor market, which has recently become very dynamic. The digital transformation of learning creates great opportunities for increasing the efficiency of the educational process. Today, it has become easier for schoolchildren students to receive help in solving problems arising in the learning process. Today, everyone can buy a custom essay on the online writing service AffordablePapers.com at a fairly cheap price. Online learning is considered to be better than traditional learning.

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What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is a fundamentally new, high-tech approach to the process of knowledge transfer. Such learning allows the creation of systems of mass continuous education and general information exchange. This system can most flexibly and effectively meet the needs of society in the training of professional experts. It can be stated that online learning has entered the 21st century as the most effective system of training and continuous support of high qualification levels of specialists in various fields and industries.

The system of online learning has a number of advantages and significantly expands the range of potential students. People who cannot combine study with work or live in a remote area from regional centers have the opportunity to receive distance education. Online learning is suitable for almost everyone because it allows to harmoniously combine learning and everyday life.

Students are offered a program of study, both in specialties and in individual courses. A great number of educational institutions build the learning process on the basis of computer software. This means that the teacher and the student do not actually communicate with each other, but receive and transmit information by e-mail. Graduation documents are also sent to students by mail. Today, online learning is extremely relevant.

Characteristics of Online Learning That Distinguish It from Traditional Learning

Basic characteristic features of online learning include the following:

  • Interactive capabilities are used in the online learning system of programs and information delivery systems. They allow establishing feedback, provide dialogue and ongoing support, which is not possible in most traditional learning systems;
  • The flexibility of education of students receiving online education in the choice of educational institution, place, and time of the study. Students have the opportunity not to attend classes, but study at a convenient time and place;
  • The online education program is based on the modular principle, which allows forming a curriculum from a set of independent courses-modules that meets the needs of students;
  • Individualization of education, which allows students to implement an individual curriculum. It is possible to independently choose the sequence of studying subjects on the basis of an individual schedule;
  • The cost-effectiveness of online learning is manifested in the effective use of training areas and technical means, concentrated and unified presentation of information, use, and development of computer modeling, which leads to lower costs for training, as well as the absence of the problem of purchasing educational materials and textbooks;
  • Information provision of online learning is characterized by the fact that students get access to a set of necessary educational materials in modern electronic form directly from the server of the educational institution where they study, other institutions, and Internet resources;
  • Modern computer telecommunications can provide knowledge transfer and access to a variety of educational information at the same level, and sometimes much more effectively, than traditional teaching aids.

Advantages of Online Learning Compared to Traditional Learning

Among the significant advantages of online forms of learning are the following:

  • Increased free time for students. Since online learning allows studying material from anywhere, students do not need to spend time on the way to an educational institution. This leads to an increase in students’ free time that they can spend studying the material.
  • Isolation of students from each other. Now the issue of self-isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic is relevant. Online learning technology is excellent for preventing the spread of the disease among students, by reducing the number of contacts between students.
  • A person can study at any convenient time. It is possible to be involved in learning without separation from the main activity.
  • Mobility.
  • Passing exams in a calm atmosphere. Intermediate certification of online learning students takes the form of online tests. Therefore, students have less reason to worry, which allows them to better show their knowledge.
  • Individual approach. In the framework of traditional teaching, there is not always enough time for the teacher to give enough attention to each student. Not always the teacher can match the pace of work of each student. But thanks to the use of modern computer technology, this can be achieved. An individual approach is provided for each member of the group. A student can ask an exciting question to the teacher at any time and get a quick answer.
  • Studying in a comfortable home environment.
  • Valuable testing of knowledge by teachers. The possibility of subjective assessment is excluded. The system that checks the correctness of the answers to the test questions is not affected by the student’s success in other subjects, his social status, and other factors.

Thus, online learning has broad prospects because it is actually effective. It is in great demand in different countries. The online learning system is built with all the subtleties and nuances to ensure maximum efficiency and benefit of learning and, at the same time, ease of use.

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