Why Every Child Should Learn To Code to Avoid Poverty


Large numbers of countries around the globe suffer because of poverty. Some are fortunate enough to patch things up, but a lot of people sunk deeper and now live a life they didn’t want to have. Poverty has been one of the biggest issues in the world’s recorded history and up to this date, humans are still trying to solve it. However, the 21st century gives humanity a lot of opportunities in the education area and the vital part of it is coding.

Some researchers and organizations are continuously proposing ways to solve the issue of poverty in the Pro-Papers – one of the most common suggestions is education. Poverty has been associated with education – or the lack of it, for a long time. It is said that the lack of education is one of the largest reasons behind the endless growth of poverty. Now lots of people believe that providing education will be the perfect solution to end the persistent world issue. But can Education fix poverty?

The answer is no – by this time; it is said that this belief is as good as an old myth. Education cannot simply fix this issue. It may seem like a good temporary solution but it is more likely to cause more problems in the long run. Why? It’s simple. The lack of education indeed contributes to poverty but besides that, the lack of job opportunities is also a huge reason.

The lack of job opportunities means that more people are unemployed than those who work for their living. It also means that once a new batch of graduates decides to seek jobs, the number of potential unemployed people will increase. This kind of cycle will continue as long as there are not enough numbers of companies, businesses, firms and other small working environments that are willing to open new work positions.

Of course, we can’t blame everything on that single reason. The lack of job opportunities is also due to the unbalanced distribution of workers. Today’s students and job seekers opt for jobs that are more known and have a higher rate of salary. Some examples of college courses that became overpopulated are Engineering, Medicine, Accountancy and Business courses. As stated earlier, the South-East Asian countries are a huge part of the poverty line. This is because the majority of the families residing in these countries are cultured to line up for the given courses.

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Some numerous documentaries and movies portray such kind of rules within the family. Parents urge their children to take the “most practical” courses and land a good-paying job even though these children have greater skills in other aspects. If these students do not get to fulfill their preferred course and job, then who will fill up the empty job positions?

In addition to this, Marc Tucker published an article that targets the same issue. A short excerpt from his article is this paragraph: “If we want to address this issue, which is getting worse each passing year, we would have to make fundamental changes in school system governance, tax policy and housing policy, changes that are likely to be opposed by the people who have the most to lose and who also have the most political power in our statehouses.

Realistically, the only way these problems are likely to be addressed on a scale that will make a big difference is through the state courts on the grounds of the constitutional rights of the people who are being isolated in our poorest and most racially isolated communities.”

With these supporting opinions, we can identify that the problem isn’t just poverty. Humans need to address every single detail before we can formulate the right and the best solution for poverty.

It isn’t just solely about education – education is just a small part of the persistent problem. We only make things harder to fix because of this wrong belief that we kept for years; “Education fixes poverty.” Here’s the truth, it doesn’t. Providing education does not assure the people living in the poverty line that studying hard will completely change their life status. It doesn’t work that way. As a world issue, government officials, country rulers, and every resident should coordinate together to abolish the errors within their community. Only then will we advance and step forward.

With this in our minds, we will be able to slowly change a person’s mindset. It doesn’t have to be done overnight, inform and correct slowly to make sure that this time there will be no mistakes. So, can education help fix poverty? Yes. But can education fix poverty by itself? No, absolutely not.

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