KDE Releases Linux Distro Plasma 5.22.1 Bug Fixes

Plasma Linux Desktop
Plasma Linux Desktop

Plasma – A Linux Desktop

Get creative and productive at work with Plasma. Surf the web, manage files, enjoy music and videos. The best Free Open Source Software guarantees you privacy, security, and a safe and secure environment.

Plasma 5.22 improves its stability and usability across the board.

Linux Plasma 5.22 is here, and it is more reliable and stable than ever. By cleaning up and refactoring code in the background, the Plasma desktop gives you greater responsiveness and performance, helping you become even more productive without hiccups or surprises. Enjoy a smoother experience with KDE’s Plasma 5.22 desktop.

Plasma 5.22 has become more pleasurable to use through improvements to the design and greater smoothness and consistency in transparencies, blurs, icons, and animations. Moving things to accessible locations, offering hints and visual cues, and creating new settings allows you to customize your work environment to make it fit perfectly to your needs.

Following the true KDE spirit, the push for a more stable and attractive desktop does not mean you have to renounce control over how you want it to look or behave. Plasma 5.22, as always, packs all the flexibility and tools for customization you have come to expect and love, and some more to boot.

Plasma Linux Dark Theme
Plasma Linux Dark Theme

KDE Plasma 5.22.1, Bugfix Release for June
Tuesday, 15 June 2021. Today KDE releases a bugfix update to KDE Plasma 5, versioned 5.22.1.

Plasma 5.22 was released in June 2021 with many feature refinements and new modules to complete the desktop experience.

Get Plasma Linux Distro here

This release adds a week’s worth of new translations and fixes from KDE’s contributors. The bugfixes are typically small but important and include:

Plasma 5.22.1 Complete Changelog

Flatpak: fix warning upon updates detection.
Hide URL buttons for invalid metadata.

Plasma Addons
[applet/notes] Don’t focus buttons on click.

[kcm] Fix icon name in metadata.desktop.


  • Platforms/drm: on NVidia do pageflips with QPainter.
  • Platforms/drm: support NVidia as secondary GPU with CPU copy.
  • Kcm/kwinrules: Adapt spinbox width to actual text.
  • [xwl] Create a new datasource on offer changes.
  • Platforms/drm: only allocate two dumb buffers for the swapchain.
  • Remove unused include.
  • Platforms/drm: fix modifiers detection.
  • [tabbox] fix non-working global shortcuts overrides.

Remove sensors before adding.

Plasma Desktop
Make config category delegates always fill sidebar.

Add pipeline for reuse compliance.

Plasma Nano
Make sure the config dialog is maximized.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
Add missing QFile include.

Plasma Phone Components

  • Lockscreen: handle all cases for lockscreen keyboard focus. Commit.
  • Lockscreen: explicitly tell keyboard to open rather than relying on focus. Commit.
  • Panel: remove unnecessary color changes for header panel when quicksettings open.

Plasma Systemmonitor

  • Clear layers when navigating. Commit.
  • Switch away from removed pages. Commit. Fixes bug #437499
  • Do not reset the start page if the model changes. Commit.
  • Fix binding loop and null derefence warnings in EditablePage::heightForContent. Commit.
  • Fix GCC warning about copying an element from a container. Commit.
  • Use entryEvent signal for reacting to GHNS changes. Commit. See bug #438336
  • Push NewStuff pages to layers, not the stack. Commit. Fixes bug #437961

Plasma Workspace

  • [applets/devicenotifier] Don’t show empty header most of the time.
  • [kcms/autostart] Avoid empty application icon.
  • [libtaskmanager/x11] Fix transient windows bug.
  • Krunerglobalshortcuts: Fix migration from old component.
  • Recent Documents: Fix missing actions for results.
  • [kcms/autostart] Keep capitalization of desktop file names.
  • Point bbcukmet to new location API. Commit.
  • Krunnerglobalshortcuts: Prevent actions from becoming inactive.
  • Fix kcmfontinst install destination.

Add milky way.

System Settings
[sidebar] Add missing subcategory header spacing for widescreen view.
Only update the global header reacting to the active page.

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