Kali-Whoami – A Privacy Software To Keep You Anonymous On Kali Linux

Kali Whoami
Kali Whoami

Kali Whoami – A Privacy Software Developed To Keep You Anonymous On Kali Linux At The Highest Level.

The purpose of the Whoami privacy software makes you as anonymous as possible on Kali linux. It is an user friendly with its ease of use and simple interface. It follows two different paths to ensure the highest possible level of anonymity.

Finally, don’t forget that there is never a hundred percent security on the internet!

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  • Anti mitm
  • Log killer
  • IP changer
  • Dns changer
  • Mac changer
  • Anti cold boot
  • Timezone changer
  • Hostname changer
  • Browser anonymization

Getting Started

If you do not update your system regularly or have not installed these packages on your system, you will not be able to use the tool. So let’s see what we need before installation and how we can download it.

  • You can download all dependencies with the following command or check if they are up to date.
sudo apt update && sudo apt install tar tor curl python3 python3-scapy network-manager


Clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/omer-dogan/kali-whoami

Install makefile

sudo make install

And that’s it, now you’re ready to fire up the tool!


After completing setup, run the application by typing “Kali Whoami” in the search menu or by typing “sudo kali-whoami –help” in a terminal

[+] Usage : sudo kali-whoami [option]

--start : It will make backups and start the program.
--stop : Closes the program using a backup.
--status : Provides information about working status.
--fix : Used to repair the system in case of a possible bug.
--help : This shows the menu.
WHOAMI Working
Download Kali Whoami

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