JustDial Database Unprotected- 100 Millions Users Data Could Have Breached

JustDial Data Unprotected
JustDial Data Unprotected

India’s largest local search engine service JustDial Database is Unprotected.

Justdial is a company that provides a local search for different services in India over voice calls and the Internet.

Customers data could have breached including their mobile App, website and customer care number.

How your Data is Unprotected in JustDial?

Freelance security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia explains that 100 Million users data including name, email, mobile number, gender, dob, address, photo, company, occupation and other details are publicly accessible.

He has posted JustDial security Research screenshots on his Facebook timeline,

JustDial Research


JustDial Research1

JustDial Research2


The Application programming interface (API) of t.justdial.com facing the unprotected database.

The researcher sent his research details to JustDial but the case is under investigation.

If we will find more details about the JustDial security research, then we will update it here.

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