How To Protect YourSelf From Cyber Criminals During FIFA World Cup

Cyber Criminals
Cyber Criminals
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2022)

People are enjoying FIFA World Cup 2018

But some of the Cyber Security firms detected an increase in phishing emails and fake websites offering Football world cup free Tickets.

According to FIFA website, the ticket can be bought from its official website only and order a ticket in three stages and one ticket per person is allowed. But some of the Cyber fraudsters are taking advantage of offering Free Tickets.

Cyber criminals can attract you with discount offers during FIFA World Cup match through phishing E-mails. By clicking on a link, it can install malicious software in your computer. It should be fake online web store designed for information gathering of your credit cards or Bank account information.

Checkpoint security researchers found phishing email campaign of the FIFA World Cup when victim opened the attachment “DownloaderGuide” then the unknown program has installed in the computer system without user permission.

“Events that attract large amounts of popular interest are seen by cyber criminals as a great opportunity to launch new campaigns,” said Maya Horowitz, Check Point’s threat intelligence group manager. “With so much anticipation and hype around the World Cup, cyber criminals are banking on employees being less vigilant in opening unsolicited emails and attachments. As required, it is very much needed that organizations take actions to remind their employees of security best practices to help prevent these attacks from being performed.

“In addition to this, organizations should also take steps to ensure that phishing campaigns don’t reach inboxes in the first place. This should include employing a multi-layered cyber security strategy that protects against both established malware families’ cyber-attacks and brand new threats and prevents it from spreading across the network in the result of the initial campaign being successful.”

How To Protect?


Keep your Antivirus updated-

You should install Internet security across all your devices as compared to the Antivirus because it provides more protection from Ransomware, Malware activities, web Surfing and more.

Away from Public Wi-Fi Hotspots-

During World Cup games, you might be connected to open Wi-Fi. Cyber attackers can use Sniffing technique to collect all your information including passwords, chats, browser activities, personal documents and other confidential information.

Do not open unknown E-mail attachment-

Cyber criminals can create fake websites with FIFA non-official domain to deliver Malicious activity to capture personal information through online scams.

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