Google Releases Chrome 71 For All Platforms With 43 Security Fixes

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google update its Chrome 71 Browser rolling out to Mac, Windows, Linux as well as Android too.

In new Chrome 71 will block ads in offending websites including protection against Malicious websites.

Google is using the strategy in Chrome 71 to block all malicious ads with abusive experiences. These ads trick users into clicking on them by pretending to be system warnings or contain “close” buttons that do not actually close the ad and open in the new Tab without user knowledge. In some cases, it can even steal personal information.

If you are a site owner or admin, then use Google Search Console’s Abusive Experiences Report to check if your site contains abusive experiences that need to be corrected or removed. If any error are found, you will have 30 days to fix them before Chrome starts blocking ads on your site.

Also, this chrome browser version update changes to settings. Under “Basics”, the previous “Autofill and payments” menu has been separated into two categories: “Payment methods” and “Addresses and more.”

This provides direct access to those two sections where previously there was an intermediary screen.

In chrome 71 browser starts detecting a new payment warning screen with message “The Page ahead may try to charge your money” and find the option to ‘Go Back’ or ‘Proceed.’

New Tab page adopt a new favicon. Instead of a blank page, it is now a black and white Chrome icon.

Chrome 71.0.3578.80 contains a number of fixes and improvements. These update includes 43 security fixes.

Google spent 59,000 USD in bug bounties to release Chrome 71 version. You can find here details for Security fixes and Rewards.

To update the latest Chrome version for Windows, Mac and Linux users through Settings > Help> About Google Chrome. It will automatically check and option to install update. You can directly download from

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