Get The Most Out of Threat Intelligence With 4 Key Tips

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence

It is easy to get the data on potential threats revolving around, but you need to improve the threat intelligence game to know what to do next and how to lift your security stance.

There is doubt to the fact that threat intelligence is critical to have a winning strategy. However, threat intelligence alone cannot win the race. In addition to it, you should have a better understanding of the potential vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

Moreover, you need to have relevant expertise to manage the right among of flow of information and the resources to act upon it. If you really want to lift the security posture of your company and make threat intelligence work for you, then there are a few factors that you need to consider.

Here are 4 tips that make sure that the data you collect can be harnessed for your safety.

1. Know your risks and set your priorities

Vendors will sell you all the software tools which are needed to gather the useful threat intelligence. However, before you stop and shop for tools, it is crucial to consider and risk tolerance you have.

It is not possible to prevent potential threats when you think of information security. You need to work for important data precisely. Proper prioritization is the only way out to make workflows and manage the real lifeblood of the company.

Some businesses prioritize reputation over everything else, while others seek to guard the specific data sets and focus on keeping the sales upright and flowing. Decision makers are scratching their heads to figure out what matters the most.

Do they need to figure out what could be the most damaging impact which can occur in the company? Are these threats acceptable?

With limited resources and a finite budget, this step cannot be overstated.

2. Employ Automation

The cybersecurity industry has a long buzz about the automation in the security domain but guesses what it is in all the good reasons. It is quite important to automate the privacy and security guidelines and parameters and use online privacy software like VPN to make the most out of the threat intelligence autonomously.

Automation can free up the limited talent pool and give them the liberty to focus their efforts on where they can have a greater impact. It can also alleviate the tedious and boring tasks, but automation is not a substitute for the expertise and people.

It is often debated that automation will take over the world in the years to come. Well it does sounds frightening but if the future beholds this for the human race then nobody can change it.

3. Understand Your Environment

Before you prioritize what you need to do, you need to get the full picture of the current situation. You need to perform a comprehensive asset inventory and then hunt out those blind spot and unmanaged devices. If you are planning to make the most out of the threat intelligence report, then you must understand immediately where, when, and how you need these threats to be countered.

What do these threats mean contextually?

If you get the new intelligence on the threats which can potentially exploit the particular version of the application on a certain device. Some might target specific printers or smart thermostat. You need to know immediately that to which extent the threat effects and how it applies to you.

Ask yourself these questions?

  • Does it has a potential impact or disturb the environment of the company?
  • If it does, then what does it mean with regard to the true priorities?

It is crucially important to know what the surroundings say and understand what they depict. Gazing at the fuller picture before jumping into conclusions often gives the most pleasurable results.

4. Hire Skilled People

With a good understanding of priorities and environment garnished by the right tools and functioning, you need qualified experts to guide your way. It is no secret that to find a rare talent which knows the current landscape of things is not easy. You can consider training and promoting internally if you can and can even outsource or look for consultants when you find no other way.

Feed your honed threat intelligence data to the right person and pinpoint your focus to the defense scheme. Let the right person make the most out of the data and make the most difference. Only a jeweler knows a diamond’s true worth, so before you ever think to give that data to an unskilled and so-called tech geek, think twice.


Identifying the threats beforehand is crucial but making the most out of it is even more important. Threat intelligence is essential for companies to oversee what might come as a threat in the future. This will give them an edge over the potential threat and will help them get equipped with the best tools to protect the company.

The article is submitted by Devin Smith. He is a tech-mech by profession, and also passionate into finding variant indulgence of the Tech World. He has studied marketing and now turning his exposure into the experience.


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