Questions To Ask Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Before Hiring One

Managed Service Providers
Managed Service Providers

Selecting a managed service provider (MSP) is crucial for any business in 2022. A wrong decision can leave your company vulnerable to security breaches and waste your resources, while picking the right one will help your company flourish.

According to a recent study, the MSP industry’s market value is projected to exceed USD$300 billion by 2027. Selecting the right team for your firm will become increasingly challenging as more MSPs enter the market. The dilemma is determining how to differentiate an ideal MSP crew from and an inexperienced and unreliable team.

As with any other service or product, asking questions will be your best bet for discovering the MSP’s true capabilities. There’s no shortage of questions you could ask, but how do you know which would yield beneficial results?

There are several consistent queries that may be asked of any business to ensure that you’re getting the right MSP for your company. Before signing, consider asking these questions.

1. What Does Your Service Agreement Include?

One of your initial inquiries to the managed service provider (MSP) should be about the parameters of your service agreement. Each service provider will offer a selection of packages that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It’s in your best interest to learn how flexible its methods are and whether or not it can suit your current and future business needs.

Before meeting with potential technology partners, list the services you’ll need and any possible future needs. Inquire what billing structure they intend to use for each IT service specifically.

2. What Precautions Do You Take Against Cyberattacks?

Always inquire about a managed service provider’s cyber response procedure. A reputable MSP will have safeguards in place to reduce risk. You should hire a managed service provider (MSP) that can swiftly react to hackers’ actions, like stealing data and network disruption, with a plan to investigate, contain, and fix the attack.

Remember that no service provider can promise that you’ll be completely safe from cyber threats, no matter how strict its policies and processes are. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an MSP with a solid cyber incident response plan and who isn’t afraid to talk about it. The MSP should be able to answer this question in a way that shows if it has the knowledge and experience to stop cyber attacks and effectively deal with them.

3. Can You Provide Testimonials From Previous And Current Clients?

You’ve likely researched the managed service provider you’re considering. Reviews reveal little about actual consumer experiences. It’s better to ask other business owners about the MSP’s reputation. However, the provider’s history is also helpful in learning more about how it works with clients. Not only can you learn invaluable lessons from these accounts, but you can also gauge an MSP’s level of customer care by the way it treats its customers.

Moreover, inquire about three references from current customers. Afterward, it would help if you contacted them to ask about the provider. It’s a positive sign if a managed service provider can provide references immediately.

4. How Do You Plan To Contribute To Future Expansions Of The Company?

A reliable MSP should feel like an extension of your team. The provider’s success depends on its familiarity with your company, not just the specifics of your operations. What does the future hold for you in light of your company’s leadership thoughts and the more significant trends and changes in your industry?

The best managed service providers (MSPs) will work with you as a true business partner, analyzing your security, technology, customers’ perspectives, and workplace transformation initiatives to help you grow your business and reach your goals. For instance, if your business is expanding and you need to add more workstations or team member accounts, or if your IT projects are becoming increasingly complex, you should search for a company that can accommodate your expansion. In addition, check if it can offer or can refer you to a reliable cyber insurance package.

It’s also important to know if the MSP can provide adequate training and education for its staff. To keep your workplace safe, you must equip your first line of defense, the employees, with the knowledge and resources they need to do their jobs. Training and encouragement for workers are essential for introducing any new technology.

5. Can You Work Around A Budget?

When purchasing goods or services, businesses typically need to pay more to get what they want in terms of quality.
Therefore, you’ll need to reduce other costs to increase your budget for managed IT service providers. Given the variety of available MSPs, the first step in narrowing down the choices is eliminating the agencies that provide financially unavailable services. However, it’d be best if you established a financial plan before you can do anything else.

You should compare different MSPs’ pricing structures before settling on one. Even though it may seem apparent, comparing pricing amongst other brands can help you find the best deal.


The ideal MSP will accommodate your IT requirements and develop with your company. It’ll also ensure that all regulations are followed and the latest security measures are in place.

Also, your managed service provider will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to quickly deal with any problems.
Hiring the right MSP to handle your day-to-day IT operations will free up your in-house team to concentrate on company objectives. Thus, it can be described as a long-term investment that rises in value alongside you. Working together with a third-party managed IT service provider should increase efficiency, decrease expenses, and tighten up data protection.

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