efiXplorer – IDA Plugin For UEFI Firmware Analysis And Reverse Engineering Automation


efiXplorer is IDA plugin for UEFI firmware analysis and reverse engineering automation.

Supported versions of Hex-Rays products: everytime we focus on last versions of IDA and Decompiler because trying to use most recent features from new SDK releases. That means we tested only on recent versions of Hex-Rays products and do not guarantee stable work on previous generations.

Why not IDApython: all code developed in C++ because it’s a more stable and performant way to support a complex plugin and get full power of most recent SDK’s features.

Supported Platforms: Win, Linux and OSX (x86/x64).

Key features

Identify available Boot Services automatically

Annotate assembly code automatically with available Boot Services

Identify available Runtime Services automatically

Annotate assembly code automatically with available Runtime Services

Identify available SMM Services automatically

Before analysis

After analysis

Identify available EFI Protocols automatically

Build the list of available EFI Protocols

Identify known EFI GUID’s

Build the list of available EFI GUID’s (including protocol name identification)

efiXplorer Architecture

From the beginning of the project, we focus on building extensible architecture to make our life easier to support the current version and adding new features.

Build instruction

We try to make the build process for different platforms very simple, just use the build script to automate this process

Build script




  -c, --copy TEXT  path to IDA plugins directory

  --help           Show this message and exit.

example of build process:

./build.py <IDASDK75_DIR>


Copy compiled binaries of efiXplorer plugin and guids directory to <IDA_DIR>/plugins. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD efiXplorer


For IDA:

  • https://github.com/yeggor/UEFI_RETool
  • https://github.com/gdbinit/EFISwissKnife
  • https://github.com/snare/ida-efiutils
For Ghidra:
  • https://github.com/al3xtjames/ghidra-firmware-utils
  • https://github.com/DSecurity/efiSeek

Alex Matrosov (@matrosov)
Andrey Labunets (@isciurus)
Philip Lebedev (@p41l)
Yegor Vasilenko (@yeggor)

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