Cyber Security Prediction 2020 – Experts View

Cyber Security Prediction 2020
Cyber Security Prediction 2020

Today, there is a need of Cyber Security in each and every industry. So what are the Experts view for Cyber Security Prediction 2020?

The intensity of Cyber Attacks keep getting increased by each passing year and 2019 was also a victim of numerous big attacks.

Cyber Attackers are always looking for Vulnerabilities through which they can penetrate the Security of an Organization but we can prevent such incidents to some extent by keeping us secured in advance.

So what are the Cyber Security Prediction which will rule the World in 2020? Let’s hear it from the Experts!!

According to us, some of the following sectors need to be secured which possess the most risk while the cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the world.

E-commerce Sector, App Development, Payment Gateways, Artificial Intelligence, 5G Network.


An E-commerce store is online, and if the website is vulnerable to hackers, they can grab your data. When we ordered online, we need to fill the form with our details, including Postal address, name, email ID, and phone number, most importantly Credit/Debit card details. So the companies have to be keep it more secured.

App Security

Auditing and logging user denies performing an operation, and an attacker exploits an application without a trace, attacker covers his or her tracks, Elevation of privilege, disclosure of confidential data, data tampering.
The cyber attacker can modify an existing application’s run-time behavior to perform unauthorized actions, exploited via binary patching, code substitution, or code extension.

Before code is written, working through a threat model of the application. Sometimes alongside a spec or design document. App security should be measured of an application by finding, fixing, and preventing security vulnerabilities.

5G Network 

The 5G network soon to enable in billion devices. If any vulnerability found in 5G, then it could compromise IoT devices, and it is hard to be solved to update than other devices like 5G mobile devices.

Many companies are providing software and hardware for 5G networks, and if the hackers found security vulnerabilities in their company, then the whole network could compromise.

AI Cars

As well known Tesla electric already been hacked, now the company offers hackers to find the bug in their latest model.

Cyber Security experts must be hired in every sector like government, IT, automobile, even non-IT industries too.

Experts have shared their opinions for Cyber Security Prediction 2020 with HackersOnlineClub as follows.


  • Amera Owaida, ESET, U.S

Privacy was another issue that arose indirectly from the 2016 elections. The Cambridge Analytica scandal had much of the world reevaluating how we approach our privacy. In the US this has translated into an environment of suspicion when it comes to big tech companies and how they protect the data of their users. Legislation is being introduced to tackle the issue of privacy and how companies handle users’ data.

But the consensus is that the issues are not being tackled fast enough. Companies should treat privacy measures as cornerstones of their products and not just an afterthought. Which begs the question: What more can companies and governments do to secure data privacy?

The most visible changes can be seen in companies and organizations trying to meet the demands of today’s digital era. The key takeaway for companies that are embarking on a digital transformation journey is that they should never underestimate the value of good cyber security practices.

People are more aware of their rights and demand better protection for their data, technologies like ML are moving by leaps and bounds and giving some companies an edge over the competition, and hackers are ramping up their attempts in trying to breach corporate treasure troves of information. Trends looks at all the challenges organizations face attempting to win the digitalization race.

  • Nikhil Agarwal, Cyber Risk Adviser at Leading Consulting company, Singapore

I think the world is more connected than ever. As our digital transformation proceeds, we keep on building an increasingly cohesive and connected society. Our information is presently shared and utilized by more platforms than ever – in the datacentre, on the cloud and occasion on Internet of things (IoT) gadgets, for instance – and this pattern will just increment. In any case, this enormous advantage accompanies an expense. The more connected we become, the more vulnerable our information is.

As far as I can think of there are two technologies which will significantly affect cyber defense strategy in 2020: passwordless authentication and UEBA.

Understanding what is coming towards us will help us to better prepare. Some paradigms will need to shift. The colossal spread of technologies and solutions will constrain us to unite. In 2020 like never before, cyberattacks are never again an issue of if, yet of how and when. This is a worry that concerns all of us.

WordPress powers more than 30 percent of the websites on the internet. This makes it the most popular target for malicious hackers. Therefore in 2020 we will definitely see more vulnerabilities discovered in WordPress plugins, themes and maybe also in WordPress core.

However, this negative trend has a positive impact on the WordPress ecosystem. Because of it, we will see more secure code, higher coding standards, and more high-quality and secure plugins and themes. Also, WordPress website owners are becoming more aware of the need to invest in the security of their website, and of the different security solutions available. So while in 2020 most probably we’ll see more vulnerabilities, we will also see more secure WordPress websites.

AI for Industrial
Industrial companies will continue to shift toward artificial intelligence solutions for analysis of cyber security data.

The federal government will continue to evolve mechanisms for evaluating the cyber postures of departments, agencies and government contractors.

Role of the CISO
CISOs have increasingly assumed responsibility for securing OT networks. This trend will expand future in 2020 to impact more areas of the organization.

Hospitals will finally start to shift how they procure Internet of Things (IoT) medical devices in 2020.

Cloud Migration
Financial services companies are accelerating their adoption of cloud technologies. While important in digital transformation strategies, there will have increasing security implications in 2020.

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